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Saudi women can now leave the country without a man’s permission

Saudi Arabia has long been censured over guardianship system, which assigns each woman a male relative whose approval is needed for various big decisions.

Saudi Arabia rebuffs UN report on Khashoggi murder

Saudi Arabia's minister of state for foreign affairs says the report contains 'clear contradictions and baseless allegations which challenge its credibility'.

Saudi Arabia’s US$53 billion non-oil stimulus may last beyond 2021

The Private Sector Stimulus Office has a long-term mandate to continuously support the private sector through economic cycles.

Saudi Crown Prince meets US Central Command

The discussions involved, among others, reviewing bilateral relations between the US and Saudi Arabia.

Nine dead as deadly Kashmir battle heightens India-Pakistan tensions

India accuses Pakistan of harbouring the Jaish-e-Mohammed group, a charge Islamabad denies.

Saudi denies crown prince seeks to buy Man United

The kingdom's media minister says there has only been a meeting with the Saudi wealth fund regarding sponsorship.

Saudi crown prince heads for Pakistan amid India tensions

The crown prince's arrival comes amid a vow by India to isolate Pakistan internationally following the deadliest attack in Kashmir in decades.

Saudi crown prince to visit Indonesia next week

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's two-day visit to the world's biggest Muslim majority country kicks off Monday, but Jakarta supplied few details about his itinerary.

Pakistan, India hope to reap investment from Saudi prince’s visit

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is also expected to visit India, Pakistan, China and Indonesia.

Freed Saudis resurface billions poorer after prince’s crackdown

An anti-corruption commission headed by the crown prince said a total of about US$107 billion has been recovered from 87 people.

Saudi woman’s flight rallies opposition to male guardianship

Many activists are calling for an end to the guardianship system, which has been chipped away at slowly over the years but remains in force.

CCTV footage shows men transporting ‘Khashoggi body parts’

Turkish television station A-Haber claimed Khashoggi's dismembered body was inside five suitcases and two large black bags carried into the home of the Saudi consul general in Istanbul.

Saudi prince was in constant touch with Khashoggi hit-squad boss

Mohammed bin Salman told associates that it is possible to lure Khashoggi outside Saudi Arabia and make arrangements.

Putin to discuss Khashoggi with Saudi prince at G20

Putin's foreign policy advisor said they will talk about Khashoggi's murder but the main aim of the meeting will be the development of Russian-Saudi relations.

Saudi crown prince arrives in Argentina for G20 amid Khashoggi murder...

Prince Mohammed arrived in Buenos Aires from Tunisia, where he was met by protesters who denounced him as a murderer for the killing of Khashoggi.

Saudi prince to face protest over Khashoggi on Tunisia visit

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman flew to the UAE on Thursday, moving on to Bahrain, stopping by Egypt for a two-day visit before heading to Tunisia.

Saudi crown prince to start visit to Egypt on Monday

Prince Mohammed has visited the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain since Thursday and is expected to travel to Tunisia on Tuesday.

Saudi prince lands in UAE on 1st foreign tour since Khashoggi...

The crown prince will visit a 'number of brotherly' Arab states at the request of his father.

Saudi prince pursuing war with help of jihadist allies in Yemen

In their drive to oust Houthi rebels said to have ties with Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have roped in a wide range of local groups – including radical Islamists with links to Al-Qaeda.

Turkey, Saudi leaders could meet for first time since Khashoggi murder

Such a meeting would be the first face-to-face encounter between Erdogan and the crown prince since the killing that has tainted the image of both the kingdom and its de facto ruler.

Khashoggi murder: Trump ignores US leverage over Riyadh

Trump was widely pilloried for his mercantile priorities that made him appear more like a lobbyist for the oil-rich kingdom, raising the prospect of strong congressional action against Saudi Arabia.

After Khashoggi murder, some Saudi royals turn against king’s favorite son

Dozens of princes and cousins from powerful branches of the Al Saud family want to see a change in the line of succession but recognise that the king is unlikely to turn against his favourite son, known in the West as MbS.

Pence vows US will hold Khashoggi murderers to account

US Vice President Mike Pence said the United States is determined to hold accountable all who are responsible for Jamal Khashoggi's murder.

Saudi king embarks on rare tour as Khashoggi crisis rages abroad

The Saudi rulers are seeking to rally domestic support following what is seen as the worst diplomatic crisis facing the kingdom since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.



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