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Facebook’s Libra announces board as support shrinks further

Policy head acknowledges digital currency's regulatory issues could push back its launch date.

PayPal abandons Facebook-backed Libra cryptocurrency group

PayPal says it remains supportive of Libra’s aspirations and looks forward to working together in future.

Roger Ver’s bitcoin.com seeks to launch derivative for Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash wants to be the largest cryptocurrency in the world behind Bitcoin.

China says new digital currency will be like Facebook’s Libra

Analysts say China appears to have accelerated the push to digital money after Facebook announced plans in June to launch digital coin Libra.

ECB urges Europe to ignore ‘treacherous promises’ of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

Depending on the popularity of Libra it could reduce the ECB’s control over the euro, says Yves Mersch.

Bitcoin bullied into tighter trading range

Analysis shows, Bitcoin in fact is demonstrating an almost inverse bell curve of prices.

Facebook’s Libra currency scrutinised by EU

Facebook had previously promised to appease all regulators before launching Libra.

Facebook’s Libra in focus as US group visits Switzerland

US lawmakers seek advice from Swiss counterpart regarding Facebook’s Libra.

Bitcoin posts biggest weekly decline since November

The world’s largest digital asset fell about 15% this week, its biggest slide since November.

China’s PBOC close to releasing own cryptocurrency

China will be one of the first major economies to formally introduce a digital currency of its own, although there are no specifics on the timing.

North Korea took US$2 bil in cyberattacks to fund weapons program

While planning its programme of mass destruction, Pyongyang has been stealing from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Russian Bitcoin theft suspect sued for US$100 million by US

One legal expert speculates the US is adding a civil suit to get at assets the criminal complaint can’t reach – and to grab assets before they’re gone.

Indian panel recommends cryptocurrency ban

The panel drew up a report and draft legislation, which will be examined by the government and regulators before they make a final decision.

Bitcoin tumbles as US senators grill Facebook on crypto plans

The social media giant is fighting to get Washington onside after it shocked regulators and lawmakers with its announcement to potentially launch Libra in 2020.

US Senate to grill Facebook over plans for Libra cryptocurrency

Facebook is fighting a rear-guard action to get Washington onside after the announcement that the company plans to launch Libra in 2020.

Bitcoin drops more than 10% as scrutiny of cryptocurrencies grows

Bitcoin fell 11.1% to US$9,855 on Friday, its lowest since July 2.

Biggest crypto exchange CEO says retail still driving the rally

The head of the world’s largest online exchange says individual investors are still playing a key role in driving the dramatic price gains of cryptocurrency.

Trump blasts tech firms, cryptocurrencies at ‘free speech’ summit

Trump lambasts cryptocurrencies and demands companies to seek a banking charter and make themselves subject to US and global regulations.

John McAfee: Cryptocurrency is next Cuban revolution

John McAfee believes he is one of the few people who can help Cuba launch a cryptocurrency that can assist in circumventing the US trade embargo.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency plan drawing criticism from Washington

Facebook's digital currency Libra faces another obstacle in Washington, this time in the form of Democrat-influenced groups demanding a halt to the project.

Bitcoin tumbles as cryptocurrency’s 2019 surge starts to waver

The price of the largest cryptocurrency fell 11% since Friday.

Bitcoin slides 12%, ending recent surge

This slide ends Bitcoin’s recent surge since April.

Bitcoin tops US$12,000 for first time since January 2018

The largest cryptocurrency surged about 8%, surpassing the US$12,000 level for the first time in almost a year and a half.

Bitcoin climbs above US$11,000 as memories of popped bubble fade

Bitcoin trades above US$11,000 for the first time in 15 months, recouping more than half of the parabolic increase that captured the attention of mainstream investors before the cryptocurrency bubble burst last year.