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Tag: crystal methamphetamine

UN: Oversupply of drugs in Mekong, Southeast Asia puts younger users...

Malaysia made its largest seizure of crystal meth in May, intercepting nearly 1.2 tonnes of the drug disguised as tea in a shipment from Myanmar.

Man who tried to hijack Malaysian plane jailed 12 years in...

Manodh Marks, who had rushed to the cockpit claiming to have a bomb, is the first person in Australia to be convicted of attempting to take control of an aircraft.

Aussie grandma escapes death after court frees her of drug charge

Maria Elvira Pinto Exposto says she was tricked into smuggling 1.1kg of crystal methamphetamine after falling for an online romance.

Thai police make US$30 million drug haul linked to Laos suspect

Seven Thais were arrested in the major two-day operation, which turned up 60 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine -- known as "ice" -- and thousands of bottles of liquid ketamine.