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Wilder to make rematch with ‘bogeyman’ Ortiz ‘more fun’

The Cuban pugilist credits his opponent for taking the fight, showing 'he has the heart of a true champion'.

Cuban cardinal Jaime Ortega dies after long cancer battle

Jamie Ortega, also a leading political figure in Cuba dies after a long battle with cancer at the age of 82. 

For Cubans, a day at the beach is no easy task

Cubans prefer Guanabo beach, a less popular destination than the paradisiacal Varadero frequented by foreigners.

John McAfee: Cryptocurrency is next Cuban revolution

John McAfee believes he is one of the few people who can help Cuba launch a cryptocurrency that can assist in circumventing the US trade embargo.

Cuban centenarians cheered on by family, aim for 120

More than 2,000 people in impoverished Cuba are 100 years or old – a reality that has piqued the interest of experts and led some to aim for even longer lives.

Cuba legalises independent movie-making

Cuba’s Communist government issues a decree legalising the country’s independent movie industry in a move that should facilitate production.

US adds Saudi Arabia, Cuba to human trafficking blacklist

The US State Department faults Saudi Arabia for violations against foreign labourers while accusing Cuba of trafficking its doctors overseas.

US tightening the noose on Cuba

The Trump administration's decision to enforce Title 111 of the Helms-Burton Act will mean more grief for Cuba, which is already being hit by economic sanctions.

US bars cruises to Cuba in retaliation for Venezuelan role

The US State Department bars cruise ships from going to Cuba, citing government repression and its role in the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Cuba, Canada foreign ministers meet in Havana on Venezuela crisis

Canada's foreign minister met with her Cuban counterpart in Havana to discuss the political crisis in Cuba's longtime ally Venezuela.

Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

At least three activists were arrested by plainclothes policemen while others were ordered to disperse.

Havana’s Chinatown dreaming of a new lease on life

It's the entrance gate to Havana's Chinatown, once the biggest in Latin America, whose residents are now dreaming of recovering its past glory.

ExxonMobil sues Cuban companies for nationalised assets

The suit seeks US$280 million from Cuba-Petroleo (Cupet) and Cimex, which operates service stations on the island nation.

Pompeo: Maduro ready to leave for Cuba until dissuaded by Russia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Nicolas Maduro is headed to Havana but was convinced by Russia to stay.

5 anniversaries in 2019 that will inspire unforgettable vacations

These diverse locations will definitely get your travel juices going.

Trump ramps up pressure on Cuba in Latin America offensive

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced the decision on Twitter as "an attack against International Law and the sovereignty of #Cuba & third States."

EU threatens reprisals if US sanctions interests in Cuba

EU’s Federica Mogherini will go ahead with reprisals should the United States’s Donald Trump decides to sanction EU’s investments in Cuba.

Castro says Cuba will not abandon Venezuela despite US ‘blackmail’

Cuba is a loyal friend to Venezuela, stating it would not abandon its leftist ally despite threats from the United States.

Cubans turn Haiti into unlikely shopping oasis

Cubans make all the way to Haiti to do shopping due to the cheaper prices of goods.

Cuba taps into high-end luxury tourist market

Cuba attempts to tap into the luxurious tourism market despite its slow economic growth.

Cubans overwhelmingly ratify new socialist constitution

The new constitution will restructure government, adding a prime minister and setting term limits for the president, among other changes.

Cuba votes in referendum on new constitution

More than 8 million Cubans are registered to vote in a referendum the government has turned into a plebiscite on the 'irrevocable' role of socialism in the island nation.

Cuba denies military in Venezuela

Communist-run Cuba has been a key backer of the Venezuelan government since the Bolivarian Revolution that began under former leader Hugo Chavez in 1998.

Cuban cigars hit record sales thanks to increasing Chinese demand

The growth also comes despite the continuing embargo on Cuban products being sold in the hugely lucrative US market.