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Tag: culpable homicide

Old couple spared the gallows for death of starving maid

Wiring consultant and wife with breast cancer to serve 20 years' jail each on reduced charge as prosecution failed to prove murder.

Contractor escapes gallows thanks to trial judge’s misstep

The Federal Court, in finding that a trial judge had acted as prosecutor and asked a prosecution witness incriminating questions, reduces murder charge and sentences contractor to 20 years’ in jail.

Man gets six years’ jail for causing infant’s death

Wong is charged with culpable homicide without the intention to kill and for disposing the body by throwing it into a ravine.

Death of DPM’s son-in-law: Police record statements of 11

They include two dentists, health ministry officials and staff of dental clinic, but no arrests made in this culpable homicide not amounting to murder case.