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Tag: Culture

Zhan puts special needs artists in the limelight

Zhan Art | Space will be displaying art pieces by special needs individuals in the ‘Kindness is Easy’ exhibition till Oct 6.

Story of Mahathir’s life comes up tops for Selangor team

They triumph at a national story-telling competition, with Pahang and Johor as runners-up

Experience the best of Sarawak in What About Kuching this October

Throughout October, What About Kuching will be turning the city into a hub of cultural activity.

New esports network VENN aims to bring ‘gaming as a lens...

VENN says it is a universal network meaning it will distribute and be consumed anywhere their audience is watching gaming content.

Mooncakes: Offerings, secret messages or just tasty pastry?

Often associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are a few myths and legends about how these petite cakes came to be.

7 tips to deal with controversial issues in the workplace

Once-taboo discussions now have a prominent place in your lives and workplace.

Circus reinvented in Montreal, this time with high-tech vibe

The founder of Cirque du Soleil has started a new venture, combining acrobatics with elements of digital entertainment for a new spectacle.

Can global matcha craze save Japan’s tea industry?

Traditional Japanese tea suffers from an image problem, where the younger generation sees it as something only someone over-60 would drink.

‘Ketuanan’ mentality must go, says cultural activist

Eddin Khoo says a conflict of identity and political beliefs gets in the way of nation-building.

10 terrifying taboos of the Hungry Ghost month

This spooky month, be sure not to do anything that will result in supernatural hijinks at home.

Qixi Festival: A celebration of love bridging the universe

If you too missed out on February’s Valentine’s celebration, you still have the chance to make up for this on Qixi today.

Who’s afraid of khat?

Culture is the one thing we should be teaching in schools because it makes us one nation that understands each other.

‘Painted by ghosts’: Chinese bottle art revived by Peppa Pig

'Ghost' bottle painters are reviving the craft by adorning their works with more unusual designs inspired by popular culture.

Celebrate KL’s urban art culture at The LifeWire

Till July 28, visit The LifeWire for a truly unique shopping experience.

How to work with people with completely different views

There is lots to gain working with people who aren’t like you if you are open to it.

Spartan Race comes to Sarawak for the first time

The Sarawak leg of the world's largest obstacle race will be on Oct 19 and 20.

New hires: go for disruption or conformity?

Make cultural contribution a value of your company and a hallmark of your leadership.

Putting the Bajau dance festival on Sabah’s calendar

Christina Liew says the move would be good for tourism and help to preserve the Igal-Igal dance.

Top 6 historical sites to visit in Phnom Penh

There are plenty of attractions to explore in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Bum move: Kardashian ‘kimono’ shapewear sparks Japan debate

The kimono is now often reserved for special occasions, such as weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies.

The man who brought Fila back from dead is worth US$830...

Yoon Yoon-soo failed three times to get into medical school and ended up studying and graduating in political science and diplomacy instead.

Russian athletics needs a culture overhaul, says national anti-doping boss

Russia’s anti-doping chief says the athletics federation needs to commit to making a proper change in culture if they want to get reinstated.

5 things to know about China’s national drink, baijiu

Major producers of baijiu are looking to expand into global markets, here are some facts you need to know about the drink.

Indonesian cities empty out as millions leave to mark end of...

Some 15 million people are expected to clear out of Jakarta.