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Tag: Culture

5 things to know about China’s national drink, baijiu

Major producers of baijiu are looking to expand into global markets, here are some facts you need to know about the drink.

Indonesian cities empty out as millions leave to mark end of...

Some 15 million people are expected to clear out of Jakarta.

The fight to save a centuries-old creole

Unesco classifies Kristang as "severely endangered" and says only about 2,000 people speak it.

Choir helps Rio’s homeless sing a different tune

The choir was originally set up for the Rio Olympics but has kept going by the city’s government.

UAE expats get taste of Ramadan traditional sweets

During Ramadan, immigrants in the Gulf state reconnect with traditions from their homeland.

Banksy’s home city an urban canvas for elusive artist

Despite years in the international spotlight, remarkably little is known about Banksy.

Stories of a fading culture, told on arms and legs

After more than 200 years, the art of 'Pantang Iban' (Iban traditional tattoos) is slowly dying among the younger generation who have converted to Christianity.

Armour-clad warriors clash in ‘medieval’ battles in Ukraine

Ukraine has hosted the world championship in medieval combat where fighters deal blows at each other with metal and wooden replica weapons.

Maszlee rejects having schools teach about religions

Sharing each other’s culture more appropriate than learning about all religions, says education minister.

From mother to daughter, Tunisia potters pass on ancestral know-how

The women of Sejnane make and decorate their artisan pottery with natural elements from the agricultural region.

Turning our athletes into cultural ambassadors

It is a good platform to help promote the Malaysian culture to people from other countries, says deputy minister

In north Syria, the arts return to former jihadist bastion

After almost four years under IS, which banned music and the arts, US-backed forces expelled the last IS fighters from Raqa in October 2017.

‘Draw on strengths of various races to be powerhouse like Japan’

Reitaku University Japan’s Prof Lau Sim Yee says Japan banked on its people to transform low-value raw products into finished goods targeted at world market.

Da Vinci ‘claw hand’ may have impaired later art

The scientists reached their finding by studying a chalk drawing of Leonardo da Vinci attributed to the 16th-century Lombard artist Giovanni Ambrogio Figino.

Activist moots a unique calendar for the Dayak nation

Members of the pan-Borneo Dayak community will meet in July to commemorate 125 years of the Tumbang Anoi peace accord.

Orthodox Christians commemorate Good Friday in Jerusalem

Orthodox Christian pilgrims visit the 14 Stations of the Cross marking the traditional sites of Jesus's condemnation up to his crucifixion.

Tens of thousands attend Jewish Passover blessing at Western Wall

The biannual blessing takes place at one of Judaism's holiest sites during the week-long holidays of Passover and Sukkot.

Stone stackers defy gravity at European championships

Now in its third year, the European Stone Stacking Championship sees participants struggle against gravity to build the tallest stone stack possible.

Valley of the dolls: scarecrows outnumber people in Japan village

Nagoro has become known as the valley of dolls after a local resident began placing scarecrows on the street to inject some life into her depopulated village.

When traditions fade, Native Americans dance to remember

The goal at first was to 'bring those different styles of dancing to New York so people here have an opportunity to see these – without having to travel all over the Southwest.'

Being an Asian Tiger about more than just the economy, say...

They say being an Asian Tiger is also about the development of 'high culture'.

Paris’s Louvre museum: eight centuries of history

The Lourve went from a medieval fortress protecting Paris to one of the world's biggest and most-visited museums.

Art ambition: Hong Kong battles Beijing as dreams for culture soar

Hong Kong is striving to turn itself into a cultural heavyweight through a spate of new multi-million-dollar public art spaces.

Sins and spirits: Thais flock to tattoo fest

Every year, thousands of devotees gather at Wat Bang Phra for the annual festival, which celebrates the traditional Sak Yant tattoos.