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Tag: Custodial Death

Too slow, rights group tells authorities after prisoner dies of TB

Lawyers for Liberty says Proosothaman Marimuthu was only diagnosed with tuberculosis a few days before his death, and that he was not treated when he first showed signs of the disease.

Include Prisons under IPCMC in view of custodial deaths, urges Ramasamy

With another death in custody in Penang last week, the DAP man urges the government to widen monitoring of the department.

Mind-boggling, lawyers group says after cops halt probe into custodial death

Lawyers for Liberty says it is 'ridiculous' to conclude that the police report on P Karuna Nithi's death concerns a 'non-seizable offence' as a verdict was made and upheld in court.

Apex court affirms acquittal of 4 cops in death in custody

Five-member bench rules the criteria for circumstantial evidence put forward by the prosecution has not been met.

Amend law to compensate for custodial deaths too, says lawyer

M Visvanathan says the Civil Law Act 1956 should be modified along with the Government Proceedings Act 1956 as both are pre-Merdeka statutes.

Islamic State announces death of one of its Egypt branch leaders

An Egyptian security source identified the man as the head of Islamic State in the Mediterranean town of Sheikh Zuweid, located near the border with the Gaza Strip.

GE14 coming, but other things are already here

Amid the hype in the run-up to GE14, don't forget issues like custodial or suspicious deaths.

No signs of abuse, but cops accused of negligence in Thanabalan’s...

Incumbent Kapar MP, civil society groups say Thanabalan Subramaniam should have been given medical treatment sooner.

Police want ‘screening’ at lock-up, hospital after custodial death

Selangor CID chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat says police suspect the lock-up has been contaminated by an infection.

Why the silence on my report against AG, Waytha asks Fuzi

Hindraf chairman demands answers from IGP three weeks after filing police report asking for probe into attorney-general's inaction on 2015 murder in prison.

Balamurugan case: Act now, MP urges police, AGC

Padang Serai MP N Surendran says it is incredible that none of the police personnel implicated in Balamurugan's death have been charged, even after a year.

Govt gets to appeal RM357,500 damages in custodial death case

This follows another case where court ruled exemplary damages can only be awarded to the living.

Coroner court finds Sasikumar custodial death not suicide

The coroner says there's evidence that demands police investigate persons, particular inmates or prison officers, involved in a drug syndicate in prison.

Why compensate injuries but not death, asks DAP

Ruling over custodial death, where court said family of deceased not entitled to exemplary damages, does not consider fundamental right to life, says Gobind Singh.

It was murder in prison, Shashikumar inquest told

The inquest into the death of S Shashikumar, who was in jail for stealing rice and sardine cans, ended yesterday with lawyers representing his family saying he had not hanged himself but had been killed by someone.

Custodial death: Gobind says AG must explain failure to call inquest

Legal provisions are clear for action to be taken, says Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo, calling reports on EAIC inquiry into S Balamurugan's death 'very troubling'.

Officers: We did not witness any violence towards Balamurugan

Officers from the Serious Crime Unit say when they left the Bandar Baru Klang police station, Balamurugan and two other detainees were in good condition.

CID ordered Balamurugan’s rearrest, despite his poor health

Investigating officer Inspector Mohd Noor Husri Johari says he was told to rearrest Balamurugan for another robbery case and seek remand the next day.

Court maintains RM200,000 award to family of man who died in...

Court of Appeal rules compensation made by High Court is fair, as lawyer hopes government does not appeal further to bring closure for family of deceased.

Siblings claim foul play over brother’s death in prison

Claim by Seremban Prison officials that 30-year-old man had committed suicide, just months before release, is disputed by his family in police report.

Dharmendran’s death: Lawyer in disbelief at acquittals

N Surendran says IGP and AG must explain why no one was convicted despite clear evidence of the alleged 'brutal murder' of N Dharmendran while in police custody.

Suhakam lambasts police over detainee’s death in custody

Human rights group says police showed 'wilful disregard' to protect the life of S Balamurugan.

Why no arrests yet in Balamurugan case, ask lawyers

N Surendran and Latheefa Koya say the home minister cannot remain silent on the matter as it has been five weeks since Balamurugan's death in police custody.

Prison death: Officer tells inquest deceased feared for his life

Inquest into death of S Shashikumar in Kluang Prison in May 2015, questions officer over transcript of statement by deceased implicating prison staff in drug racket.