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Murdered banker’s family to file suit to remove wife of inheritance

Their lawyer says Ling Hang Tsyr has 75% control of the estate as she has custody of the son.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong arrested at airport

Joshua Wong was being held in custody for breaching his bail conditions and expects to be released after a hearing on Monday.

Suspect in Philadelphia police standoff arrested

The suspect identified as Maurice Hill is now in police custody after a seven-hour standoff with police officers in Philadelphia. 

Selangor unilateral conversion law may supersede Indira ruling, say lawyers

They raise concerns over plans to change the wording of the Selangor state enactment on the conversion of minors.

Pregnant woman in bid to secure freedom for husband in police...

Hazina Bazir Ahmad Khan says police detained her husband, Indian national S Madhankumar, after failing to wrap up investigations into her alleged involvement in a robbery and kidnap case.

Court tells why Muslim mum ordered to surrender custody of kids...

The Court of Appeal says the Muslim convert mother breached a consent order on her children's religious upbringing and disregarded her daughter's safety.

Ex-UEFA chief Platini freed from French custody

Michel Platini is no longer in custody after being questioned for hours on the investigation into the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

Bank manager’s killing by wife: Court gives maternal grandparents custody of...

Judge rules that paternal grandparents can have reasonable access to the boy, who now lives in Kuching.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt reach child custody agreement

The statement did not say how custody would be divided.

Govt to expedite setting up of Shariah High Court

It will hear child custody and alimony cases in the Federal Territories.

Kit Siang supports call for IPCMC to probe past custodial deaths

Veteran DAP leader says IPCMC must ensure police conduct themselves with full accountability.

Allow IPCMC to probe, prosecute past abuses, says Suaram

The human rights NGO says this is to ensure errant officers guilty of causing deaths of detainees are not given 'a free pass'.

Now, Jamal charged with leaving Malaysia illegally

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief is accused of breaching the Immigration Act by leaving Malaysia through improper channels in May.

Court orders Muslim mum to surrender children’s custody to Buddhist dad

The woman is considering appealing the Court of Appeal decision while the former husband is challenging the conversion of the children in another High Court.

Murdered bank manager’s family seeks custody of child

Court will hear next month plea for child, now aged 9, to be taken care of by father's family after his mother was convicted of abetting in husband's killing.

Divorced dad has no say in kids’ religious upbringing, court told

Lawyer for FT Islamic Religious Department Nizam Bashir says the Muslim convert mother should decide on the children’s religious upbringing as she is their valid guardian.

Jamal pleads guilty to causing public nuisance

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief admitted to the charge related to his beer-bottle smashing stunt last year and was fined RM400.

Suhakam to probe inmate’s death at Bentong prison

Inmate's stepfather questions how his stepson could enter prison in healthy condition but fall sick and die within a month.

Suaram: 100 days enough for 21 urgent human rights reforms

Human rights watchdog Suaram wants the Pakatan Harapan government to expedite reforms to ensure that people enjoy greater freedom and are assured of justice.

Audi CEO Stadler taken into custody in diesel probe

Munich prosecutors, who have been investigating Audi’s role in the 2015 scandal, confirmed they arrested the manager in the Bavarian capital because of risk he may tamper with evidence.

Indira Gandhi grateful to Kula for pushing for arrest of ex-hubby

The mother questions why police have yet to locate her ex-husband who took away her youngest daughter despite a court order to arrest him and return the child.

Prisons, lockups must be reformed, says Nurul Izzah

She says some of the laws in the Prison's Act are archaic and a Bill is expected to be tabled soon to introduce reforms.

French domestic abuse thriller terrifying US audiences

It is an unsatisfactory but all-too-familiar denouement of divorce battles involving children: the judge who must allow a violent man back into his family's lives because there is no proof of abuse claims.

Man allegedly nabbed under Sosma dies in police custody

Thanabalan Subramaniam died 20 days after his arrest, with family members told this was due to a heart attack.