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Tag: Customs

3.2 tonnes of cocaine seized in Shah Alam

Also seized: 11 sacks of white powder believed to be ketamine, with a combined street value of hundred of millions of ringgit.

Book on royal traditions of Perak goes for RM399 a copy

960-page book on ceremonial royal traditions took 20 years to complete, says author.

Tighter checks for plastic waste at all ports

Customs director-general Paddy Abdul Halim says there will be more stringent inspection of containers coming into the country.

Strengthen Native Court to regain lost traditions, urges Sabah NGO

Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah Trust says the Native Court no longer serves its original purpose.

Eramin pills worth RM60 mil found hidden in consignment of exhaust...

Cops arrest company director in his 20s following joint sting operation with Customs Department.

Govt starts paying out GST refunds

The number of claims for sums under RM50,000 comprise more than 80% of total claims.

SST to be imposed on cleaning services from March 1

Customs director-general T Subromaniam says the sales and services tax will also be implemented for securities brokerage and underwriting services, amusement park operations and training services.

Meth-ry Christmas! Not so fast, say Customs

Sabah Customs officers detain man who came to take delivery of boxes containing drugs.

May secures key EU Brexit concessions on customs

The move could win over some opposition Labour lawmakers and increase the chances of getting a Brexit deal through Parliament.

Malaysia’s fascinating customs revealed at Muzium Adat

Muzium Adat in Kuala Klawang is one of the better museums that offers insight into the customs and traditions of the various races in Malaysia.

VIPs, get accustomed to checks at airport

The government says customs and immigration officers will now be stationed at VIP lanes at airports nationwide.

New Zealand Customs get power to demand passwords

The New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties described the powers as 'grossly excessive' and disproportionate.

Customs foil bid to smuggle alcohol, frozen meat worth RM1.5 mil

The department also detained a 38-year-old 'tonto' who was keeping watch on the container used to smuggle the items.

Over 400 animals saved as customs foils high-seas smuggling bid

The animals, which were intended for sale as pets, include two orangutans, dozens of baby crocodiles and about 350 sugar gliders.

No tax for intrastate flights in Sabah and Sarawak

The exemption is given after taking into account long distance between cities in the two states.

Customs DG: Trust fund short of RM19.4 bil for GST refunds

T Subromaniam says Customs Department requested for RM82.9 billion in GST refunds but the full amount was not transferred to trust fund.

Guan Eng: Taxes not paid on jewellery sent to Rosmah

The finance minister says the items can be seized by the authorities as they were not declared to Customs.

Robbers swipe 50kg of drugs from Customs

Two Customs officers among five suspects in custody after a storage facility was broken into.

Firms under GST will be migrated to SST from Wednesday

Only manufacturers and service providers that reach a threshold value of RM500,000 a year will be taxed.

GST repeal bill tabled in Dewan Rakyat

Five bills have been tabled in the Dewan Rakyat, all related to the repeal of the GST and the introduction of the SST.

Customs denies sales tax not imposed on passenger vehicles

It says the exemption list uploaded on its website has been misinterpreted.

No sales tax on yachts, spacecraft, caviar and shark fin?

Consumers Association of Penang protests against tax-exemption shown for luxury items such as Arowana fish, shark fin, lobsters, light aircraft, helicopters and cruise ships.

Migrants in US custody describe life in ‘ice boxes’ and ‘dog...

The statements, which were taken in June and July and identify immigrants only by their first names, provide a rare window into life in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities.

Sterling falls after May bows to Brexit pressure in parliament

The pound fell to an intraday low of US$1.3223 on news that May had bowed to pressure from Brexit supporters and accepted their changes to a customs bill that underpins Britain's exit from the EU.