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Insurance covers for e-hailing vehicles remain vague

This reader comments on the passing of amendments to the LPT Act 2010 and the CVLB Act 1987 in the Dewan Rakyat on July 27.

Inconsiderate taxi drivers must be put in their place

The lack of enforcement has emboldened taxi drivers to the point they think it is their right to occupy the narrow lay-by reserved for buses.

Much confusion over the terms ‘tourism’ and ‘travel’

While the 'Ministry of Tourism and Culture' was correctly termed, there is no such thing as 'foreign tourist guides'.

Commission or corruption – which is it?

Although the Tourism Industry Act 1992 forbids tourist guides from receiving commissions, the practice does not harm anyone as long as tourists do not have to pay more.

Unsafe malls must be thoroughly inspected

If lifts in a shopping mall aren't equipped with alarms or are not working, the whole mall should be shut down for inspection.

Why the no-fault-liability scheme is efficient and fair

This reader argues why the no-fault-liability (NFL) scheme is far more superior than liability insurance.

Dear cabbies, e-hailing drivers – think before you demand

After clamouring for EPF and Socso benefits, only 120 out of 100,000 drivers in the industry have bothered to make yearly contributions.

We are judged by our toilets

Lofty visions and mission statements mean nothing if we cannot keep our toilets clean and in working order.

Dire need to make our express buses safer

Passengers should wear seat belts and bus seats should be anchored to the floor besides overhead luggage compartments being installed with lids.

Concrete measures needed for healthy taxi industry

The authorities must ensure the number of taxis do not fall below a critical mass to prevent surge pricing by transportation network companies.

Stubborn taxi drivers suffer from their own folly

They forget that no one forced them to sign up with taxi companies and they are in essence customers, not employees of these same companies too.

Authorities do not understand tourism

Tourism studies should be approached not as one field, but with respective areas of expertise, much like engineering having civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.

Widespread apathy towards food hygiene shocking

There is nothing to be proud of if food stalls are rat-infested and dirty, however delicious the food may be to the locals.

Chronology of building a white elephant

Will Knowledge Park in Terengganu, delayed by almost 10 years, still fulfill what it was intended to do.

Fair play and rules apply to all

Giving powers to passengers of a ride-sharing service to have a driver suspended based on just one complaint will put drivers at the mercy of passengers.

Great Muslim leaders of the past a great inspiration to all

The spread of Islam was due to missionaries of the past who were not insular and did not discriminate against people of different faiths, races or cultures.

Stop dirty eateries from continuing to operate

Operating in the same spot for 70 years does not give any restaurant the right to stay, as the owners have saved huge sums of money from not paying rent.

Many politicians are fair weather friends

Politicians tend to reach out to taxi drivers as elections loom but leave them in the lurch when real issues affecting their welfare crop up.

Is hit and run a crime?

Since some motorists get beaten-up for causing an accident, has it become safer to leave the scene of the accident and report the case within 24 hours?

Water taxis and the need to get it right from the...

It is best to appoint a concessionaire to run water taxi services in a sustainable manner without bleeding the coffers of the state.

Any tourist is a good tourist

It is unbecoming of those in the travel trade to delve into matters that the authorities have put behind when they should instead be voicing support for proactive measures.

Selective enforcement by DBKL a crying shame

Why summon folk over minor transgressions but allow public spaces to be hijacked by business establishments and reserved as parking or outdoor dining areas?

Carry on riding

The Dego Ride, motorcycle ride sharing service is a Bottom 40% for Bottom 40% supply and demand service, thus any action against them can be considered heartless.

Unemployed graduates are out of sync

Fresh graduates who ask for unrealistic salaries do not realise that they must be able to generate income for the company that is more than their salaries.