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Tag: cyber security

Banned from US, Huawei woos India, world’s No 2 wireless market

Top maker of components for 5G networks says it’s continuing to invest in the sub-continent

Security crucial in move towards digital economy, says Cybersecurity Malaysia

The group says when all are interconnected, individuals, governments and companies will be exposed to the threat of cyber attacks.

MCMC, data commission need more powers to deal with cyber-crimes, says...

Building a case against cyber-criminals takes time and effort.

National cyber-security agency unrolls new malware detection system

The Coordinated Malware Eradication and Remediation Platform is expected to help bolster cyber defences for corporations and organisations.

Activist tells how ‘Netflix murah’ accounts are sold

Current laws are not enough to deal with the demands of the cashless society, says Siraj Jalil.

Well structured cyber-criminals on the prowl, warns cyber-security agency boss

CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO says cyber-criminals are keeping pace with advancements and are running well-structured operations.

Cyber security programme to encourage women to return to work

It targets to train 10,000 talents by 2020.

Hackers exploited WhatsApp flaw to install spyware

Hackers exploit security flaw in WhatsApp, allowing malicious software to be installed on phones when they call their targets using the app.

Xinjiang surveillance app targets legal, everyday behaviour

Along with collecting personal information the app prompts officials to file reports about people, vehicles and events they find suspect.

Facebook bans accounts tied to Indonesian fake news group

Cyber group Saracen engaged in coordinated abuse of the platform by operating a network of hoax accounts that mislead online readers about who was behind them

Israeli minister reassures US over Chinese telecoms investment

US urges Israel to limit intelligence-sharing over Chinese investment in the country.

CrowdStrike hires Goldman Sachs to lead IPO

CrowdStrike is aiming to be valued more than the US$3 billion funding round assigned to it earlier this year.

Poor cyber hygiene to blame for most attacks, says expert

Cyber security adviser John McCarthy says 95% of cyber security budgets is spent on equipment, but 80% of attacks stem from human error.

Chinese cyber spies target Taiwan’s leader before elections

President Tsai on Thursday urged governments around the world to beware of Chinese efforts to influence global public opinion by spreading disinformation via the Internet.

Huawei in British spotlight over use of US firm’s software

A report by a British government oversight board said it had found technical and supply chain "shortcomings" which exposed the country's telecoms networks to new security risks.

Lessons Malaysia can draw from SingHealth’s cyber attack

Security services provider LGMS says attacks usually come from within and human weakness is still the biggest cause of cybercrime.

Iran hit by global cyber attack that left US flag on...

The attack has affected 200,000 router switches across the world in a widespread attack, including 3,500 switches.

Malaysians not doing enough to protect their online data

Survey finds that although many Malaysians are aware of the need for data protection and are confident about the measures taken by the government, they are not doing enough to protect themselves.

Electric car goal in India seen creating cyber-security risk

Think tank suggests India manufacture the majority of the parts needed for its electric vehicle fleet as equipment shipped from overseas could be compromised.

Indonesia launches cyber agency to tackle extremism, fake news

Agency will crack down on terrorist networks which communicate online and combat online hate speech that has been blamed for driving fundamentalism in the country.

Expert: Malaysia ill-prepared for cyber attacks

CF Fong says the authorities must take cyber security and cyber warfare seriously.

Data leaks: What individuals and companies can do

Digital security expert says although it’s difficult for people to find out if their data has been leaked, there are steps they can take to minimise risks.

The economic lure of leaked data

Digital security expert reveals that in just one year, there has been a 2,502% increase in the sale of ransomware on the dark web.

‘Companies should invest more in IT security’

Malaysia still lacks experts in the cyber security field, leaving it unprepared to face attacks when they occur.