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Tag: cyberbullying

How to know if your child is a cyberbully victim

Criminology expert says parents must know the warning signs because not every target of a bully will ask for help.

Make cyberbullying a serious offence, says criminologist

USM's P Sundramoorthy says cyberbullying should be classified as a serious offence and punished as such.

Melania Trump says she may be the world’s ‘most bullied’ person

he 48-year-old former model may be smarting from online and press mockery for her attire during last week's trip to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt.

Britain may regulate young people’s use of social media

Jeremy Hunt says social media firms were 'turning a blind eye' to the effect social media had on children's well-being.

Expert: Online bullying can hurt more than the face-to-face kind

A psychologist says the anonymity of the bully makes it hard for the victim to fight back.

Stop cyberbullying over differing views, says Selangor DAP Wanita

It urges Malaysians to engage in constructive debate on public interest issues and not descend to making offensive comments, apparently referring to attacks against #UndiRosak campaigner Maryam Lee.

Report: Malay Muslim women abused online for challenging norms

Although the issue at hand may relate to religion or social norms, the abuse received by victims is often targeted at matters such as their physical appearance, says BBC.