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Tag: Cybertroopers

PKR rep claims ‘cybertroopers’ attacking him over PTMP

Jason Ong Khan Lee says critics of the Penang Transport Master Plan are being targeted.

Cybertroopers on smear campaign against Warisan, says Leiking

Penampang MP claims attacks against Sabah government were launched after it offered to legalise foreign workers to meet acute shortage in oil palm estates.

Zaid to contest in Gelang Patah… not!

The former minister says he is the latest victim of fake news, and asks if Putrajaya is serious about combating the problem.

Ignorance, hypocrisy and cowardice of the anti-#UndiRosak pack

Writer says PH’s second biggest mistake is to have to lay claim to these ignorant, hypocritical and cowardly cyberpoopers after the big mistake of embracing the infamous autocrat in Malaysian history.

Report: Using social media not enough, NGO tells politicians

Watan's Liyana Yusof says politicians should not be fixated so much on the medium but on how they are engaging voters, especially youths.

Opposition’s attack in GE14 will be worst ever, Zahid warns Umno...

Zahid Hamidi says opposition cybertroopers are highly skilled and must be countered effectively by Umno and BN cybertroopers, in launching the Umno Sabah IT Bureau.

Kit Siang to Najib: Spare the 3 who ‘insulted’ you

He says he himself has been the target of many accusations and if all were charged, it would make a very long list.

‘Rihanna’ banner mocking Kit Siang falls flat on him

DAP elder says he didn't even know who Rihanna was when he first saw the banners and laments that those behind it, are trying to distract the people from the 'real issues'.

Umno, BN leaders should sue for defamation, says Ahmad Maslan

Umno cybertroopers in 191 divisions should always hold to the principle of ‘fighting with facts, not with slander’ when denying allegations, he says.

‘Najib was chosen by Allah, so pledge your loyalty to him’

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also calls on Umno cybertroopers to come up with a strategy to counter online attacks against the Umno president.

Enough with the cybertrooping

Let's get back to intelligent discussions of current issues.

Cybertroopers, news portals create own versions of reality

Prime Minister Najib Razak says netizens must differentiate between truths and half truths before forming their own judgement.

Archived: Being trigger-happy on Twittersphere won’t do

Eric Paulsen says our IGP should display more professionalism and respect the people’s right to “legitimate dissent”.

Are Umno cybertroopers targeting DAP’s Nga?

For the past two weeks there have been relentless attacks against Nga and his alleged involvement in a logging contract.

Minister makes feeble attempt to deny Umno paid bloggers

Shabery Cheek says ‘I don't know’, then denies Umno ever paid cybertroopers and bloggers to aid their online campaign.

Fire Ant Front ready to wage online war

Puteri Umno has formed a ‘cyber commando’ unit to attack online propaganda they claim spread lies about their party, race and religion.

Archived: The Red Bean Army witch-hunt

If BN thinks it can mislead the rakyat by tricking them into believing the Red Bean Army is the real threat back home, it is mistaken.

MCMC must be proactive

According to the Home Ministry, opposition cybertroopers are taking advantage of the social media and posting propaganda which is harmful to national security.

Red Bean Army under siege

The government has been urged to take action against the DAP's Red Bean Army for spreading lies and rumours.

Archived: Cabinet to mull RCI on ‘Red Bean Army’

A coalition of NGOs submitted a memorandum to the Cabinet to initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the alleged opposition-funded group of cybertroopers.

Youth’s pivotal role in ‘social media’ election

'The young started thinking: This is our country. We can't just leave it to the old guard. Maybe we know better.'

Blog posting: It’s Umno’s work, says the real Anwar

Minutes after Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim ended a live chat with the public on Google, hackers posted a message on his blog with an apology to Najib Tun Razak about his 'transgressions'

Archived: Gerakan to DAP: Give space for dissent

Not all Chinese are supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government, say Gerakan leaders.

Baiting voters with sex clip

A BN supporter admits distributing controversial video in Sarawak