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Tag: damages

Court orders ex-PAS man to pay RM200,000 to Khalid Samad

'Religion is a highly sensitive issue and to accuse someone of being anti-Islam or a traitor to the religion carries extremely dire consequences for the victim,' says judge.

Federal Court to hear Putrajaya’s appeal against The Edge

Lawyer for The Edge Communications says they want the Federal Court to hear the merits of Putrajaya's appeal against damages awarded to the publisher.

Government cannot sue rally organisers for property damage, rules court

Federal Court's decision to decline leave to appeal is right as it is unfair to hold peaceful assembly organisers responsible if participants damage public property, says Bersih chairman Maria Chin.

Jamal sues Sabak Bernam land office over resort closure

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief claims the forced closure of his Sekinchan hotel-resort was politically motivated and demands RM140,000 in damages.

Ex-ISA detainees to get RM5.16m after Federal Court maintains damages

Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak says a person’s freedom is priceless and that a “clear message should be sent, otherwise they keep repeating it, so it has to be a deterrent".

Beauty company ordered to pay RM100K to Aussie woman

Court holds that there were elements of negligence in beauty treatment carried out on Carol Frances Ward, 57, at beauty centre in Jalan Kelawai, Penang.

Lawyer: Legal costs deter victims of flash floods

There are grounds to sue local authorities but case needs evidence supported by expert testimony, among other things, to show negligence, says lawyer.

Judge: Person not registered as wife can’t claim damages

Court of Appeal says all non-Muslims must register their marriages to protect their legal rights under Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act.

Doctor ordered to pay RM165,000 in damages for negligence

Suit against obstetrics and gynaecology specialist involved in Caesarean section at private hospital.

Works Ministry sets ‘zero pothole’ target

Works Minister Fadillah Yusof says concessionaires must act on reports of potholes within 24 hours or face a fine.