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Tag: Darell Leiking

Ahli Parlimen kamu dicuri Dr M, kata Rahman Dahlan kepada Azmin

"Mari kita tengok Azmin Ali masih mahu bermesraan dengan Dr Mahathir," kata Pengarah Komunikasi Strategik BN di Twitter

Will you still cozy up to Tun M, Rahman asks Azmin

Umno minister accuses former premier of stealing a PKR MP from right under Azmin Ali's nose.

Darell Leiking nafi terima RM5j untuk tinggalkan PKR

Bekas naib presiden itu berkata tajuk berita sebuah portal beri gambaran seolah beliau bayar atau terima RM5 juta untuk melompat parti

Leiking: I’m not into money politics

Former PKR man says news portal's headline gives impression he paid or received RM5 million to leave party.

Analyst says ‘Pakatan Tiada Harapan’ in Sabah

Unimas' Arnold Puyok says Pakatan Harapan has failed in Sabah as leaders have no vision for the state, following Penampang MP's exit from PKR.

‘Pakatan tiada Harapan’ di Sabah, kata pemerhati

Arnold Puyok menganggap pemimpin Pakatan Harapan gagal di Sabah kerana tiada visi untuk negeri itu.

‘Leiking exit weakens PKR’s grip in Sabah’

The Penampang MP is highly regarded by the Kadazan Dusun Murut community, says an analyst.

Wan Azizah: PKR accepts Leiking’s resignation

PKR leader says the Sabah MP had informed her of his decision to resign beforehand.

Darell: Shafie ada wawasan untuk Sabah

Bekas Naib Presiden PKR itu berkata Shafie Apdal seorang pemimpin jujur yang mahu selamatkan Sabah.

Tian Chua: PKR in talks with Shafie’s new party

PKR vice-president says Darell Leiking moving to a 'friendly party' will mean there is no impact on PKR support base in Sabah.

Jentera PKR masih kukuh walaupun Darell letak jawatan, kata Tian Chua

Lagipun, Ahli Parlimen Penampang dilihat bersama kumpulan politik baharu yang mesra PKR dan pakatan pembangkang

Leiking: Shafie has a vision for Sabah

Former PKR VP says former Umno strongman Shafie Apdal is an honest leader who wants to save Sabah.

Naib presiden Darell Leiking keluar PKR

Beliau berhasrat meneruskan perjuangan menentang BN menerusi platform Sabah.

Penampang MP Darell Leiking quits PKR

Penampang lawmaker stresses that decision to step down has nothing to do with party or president.

Rakyat muak dengan janji palsu, bahas Perjanjian Malaysia di Parlimen

Naib Presiden PKR itu mahu ia dibincangkan di Parlimen kerana sudah banyak masa dibazirkan ke atas jawatankuasa yang ditubuhkan untuk mengkaji isu menjejaskan kedua-dua negeri.

Leiking: Debate Malaysia Agreement 1963 in Parliament

PKR vice-president says enough time has been wasted on committees set up to look into issues affecting both states and calls for them to be discussed in Parliament.

Petronas jobs: Leiking urges Sabah to follow Swak’s lead

Penampang lawmaker urges Sabah Government to emulate Sarawak in providing jobs for its own people.

Leiking wants Noh Omar to apologise to Sultan

The MP finds it perplexing that the Federation is now led by political leaders who can make up words he had never spoken.

Noh Omar puts PKR’s Darell on the spot

Umno man says PKR leaders must take action for making insulting remark about Jais sermon and indirectly insulting the Sultan of Selangor.

Tributes pour in for slain PKR activist Bill Kayong

PKR colleagues remember native rights activist whom they describe as a good natured and helpful person.

Gov’t must demand Philippines drop its claim on Sabah

Darell Leiking of PKR disheartened at government officials "playing nice" with those in power in the Philippines, despite the country's repeated claims to Sabah.

MP calls for ‘shoot-to-kill’ order on kidnappers

After abduction of sailors on cargo vessel, Darell Leiking says security strategy should be reviewed.

Be tough with Sulu claim, PKR urges Najib

Darell Leiking calls for Sulu claimants to be tried in Malaysia as criminals.