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Tag: dark web

Activist tells how ‘Netflix murah’ accounts are sold

Current laws are not enough to deal with the demands of the cashless society, says Siraj Jalil.

Interpol: 50 children saved after police bust paedophile website

Nine people are arrested into connection with an online paedophilia ring with 63,000 users worldwide.

French ‘OxyMonster’ jailed for 20 years

US officials arrested Frenchman Gal Vallerius, known as the 'OxyMonster' when he travelled to the US for a beard convention.

Young housewife unmasked as French ‘dark web’ boss

Agents from the DNRED intelligence agency seized nearly 4,000 euros in cash and around 25,000 euros ($29,000) in online currencies while swooping on the suspects in four simultaneous raids around France.

Data leaks: What individuals and companies can do

Digital security expert says although it’s difficult for people to find out if their data has been leaked, there are steps they can take to minimise risks.

The economic lure of leaked data

Digital security expert reveals that in just one year, there has been a 2,502% increase in the sale of ransomware on the dark web.

Special courts may deal with child sex abuse

A task force has been set up to draw up the proposed Child Sexual Crime Bill and has suggested specialised judges and prosecutors look into these cases.

Azalina is all for sex education in schools

The minister says schoolchildren need to know about the existence of online sex predators and the ‘dark web’.

Britain’s worst paedophile faces 22 life sentences

Richard Huckle faces 71 various charges of rape and sexual assault after attacking hundreds of children in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia.