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Tribal roots, religion and politics hold back Dayak unity

Dayak people in Sabah and Sarawak continue to uphold tribal affinity, while in Central Kalimantan, 'imported' religion is a problem.

Selfish leaders blocking common Dayak identity, says Jeffrey

Borneo Dayak Forum International president Jeffrey Kitingan says the indigenous people have been indoctrinated with the divide and rule mentality for generations.

Anyone can hold Gawai Dayak celebrations, says Sarawak minister

However, the state Gawai celebration is under the prerogative of the three Dayak NGOs, namely the Sarawak Dayak National Union, Dayak Bidayuh National Association and Orang Ulu National Association.

New council to unify Dayak native laws in Borneo

International Dayak congress also proposes that Borneo Island be renamed Dayak Island.

Bangsa Dayak tidak ganas, kata Borneo Dayak Forum

Naib Presiden Jalumin Bayogoh menghentam individu-individu yang memuatnaik mesej-mesej fitnah dan provokatif di media sosial.

Dayaks are not violent people, says Borneo Dayak Forum

BDF vice-president Jalumin Bayogoh slams individuals who posted provocative and slanderous messages on social media that almost derailed the international congress meant to organise Dayak people in Borneo.

Sibu lass wins Dayak beauty contest

The final year diploma student wants to promote the Iban culture among the younger generation.

Activist moots a unique calendar for the Dayak nation

Members of the pan-Borneo Dayak community will meet in July to commemorate 125 years of the Tumbang Anoi peace accord.

Kumpulan Dayak Sarawak sokong pengesahan ICERD

Kongres Kebangsaan Dayak, Persatuan Graduan Dayak Sarawak dan Pertubuhan Hak Asasi Orang Asal Sarawak mendakwa komuniti itu telah diabaikan.

Surat terbuka buat presiden PKR

Sekarang, penyokong PKR Sarawak terpinga-pinga, parti yang diharapkan, tetapi ketua dipinggirkan.

Dayak, Orang Ulu seats no longer safe for PBB-led GPS

Merdeka Center notes that preliminary data from GE14 indicates shift of support from non-Muslim Sarawak Bumiputeras for Pakatan Harapan.

Dayak body backs Malanjum for chief justice

Dayak National Congress president Paul Raja says Sarawak and Sabah officers should also be considered for promotion in federal agencies.

PBDS Baru: Selection of pig as mascot shows unification of Dayak

It says according to beliefs of the Dayak, a pig was an intermediary between them and 'Petara' (creator).

PKR: Nov 13 rally reflects Sarawakian natives’ sense of betrayal

Baru Bian says the refusal to legally recognise age-old land rights concepts of ‘pemakai menoa’ and ‘pulau galau’ has stirred alarm about loss of land.

Let’s show solidarity with the Dayaks this Nov 13

Dayaks are gathering to stage a protest to register their disappointment at the long-unresolved issue of native customary rights land.

Borneo Dayak see BDF as platform to build island-wide solidarity

For the first time in their history, the Borneo Dayak Forum is giving the indigenous community recognition as one people, despite their different geographical locations and nationalities.

Sarawak agrees to non-Muslim Bumiputera for Petros board

State government relents, says it is looking for the 'right candidate' from among Iban, Bidayuh community to be on the board of state-owned oil and gas company.

Masing: Poor Dayaks don’t have chance to go bankrupt

Sarawak’s deputy chief minister James Masing claims discrimination against the Dayaks have denied them of opportunities to become financially independent.

PRS: Ada pihak cuba lemahkan perpaduan Dayak

Presiden PRS mendakwa ada pihak tidak kira pembangkang atau BN berusaha selama beberapa dekad untuk memecahbelahkan etnik Dayak bagi memastikan mereka kekal berkuasa.

Groups undermining Dayak unity push, claims Masing

The PRS president says some people see the Dayaks “like hungry ogres who will eat them” if they are allowed to get too strong.

Dayaks demand Sarawak govt expedite Land Code amendment

Coalition of nine Dayak NGOs also criticise silence from Sarawak state government over court ruling in Bill Kayong murder case.

Lawak baju wanita Iban, Dayak desak Astro mohon maaf

Persatuan budaya Sarawak berkata Astro sebagai penerbit Maharaja Lawak Mega 2017 perlu minta maaf dan menghormati budaya kaum lain.

Sarawak CM and deputy to discuss NCR land issue

Deputy Chief Minister Douglas Uggah Embas says he will meet Abang Johari in the next few days to discuss the matter raised by the Dayak community.

Uggah praises Jabu’s poverty eradication efforts

Deputy chief minister Douglas Uggah Embas praises former DCM Alfred Jabu for helping resolve plight of the Dayak on education, infrastructure, language and culture during his 43 years in politics.