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8 civilians among 15 dead in Turkish assault on Syria

More than 40 people wounded in early phase of attack.

E-cigarettes are ‘ticking time-bombs’, says Penang consumers body

Solve the problem before it gets out of hand, urges CAP acting president Mohideen Abdul Kader.

Deaths from India’s ‘above normal’ monsoon rise to nearly 140

Some 900 inmates shifted from Uttar Pradesh prison to ‘ensure their safety and health’.

China rejects Trump’s fentanyl charges as ‘groundless’

Earlier this year, China announced a crackdown on fentanyl while denying it was to blame for opioid deaths .

California scuba boat fire death toll rises to 25

The scuba boat fire tragedy in California has resulted in 25 deaths so far.

Dengue death toll rises in Malaysia, number of cases doubles

The health ministry says 70% of the cases were reported in urban areas.

Runaway truck kills 8 children in Philippines

3 girls and 5 boys aged between 11 and 12 and a mother die, while 5 other children were taken to hospital.

Review SOP of Immigration Department

The Immigration Department must be held responsible for the deaths at detention centres.

6 foreign nationals killed as severe weather hits Greece

Six foreign nationals are killed and more than 100 other people injured after freak storms strike northern Greece, uprooting trees and collapsing roofs.

Cause of deaths of 12 Kg Koh Orang Asli unconfirmed, says...

Health ministry is waiting for results of the toxicology, heavy metal and entomology tests on skeletal remains.

Earthworks by resort caused Batu Ferringhi landslide, PWD reports

The only decent road to Batu Ferringhi is reduced to one lane.

‘I watched my husband and 3 children die’

A 50-year-old Orang Asli woman recounts tragedy that befell Bateq tribe in Kampung Kuala Koh.

Orang Asli MP wants panel to probe Gua Musang deaths

Ramli Mohd Nor says the committee should identify the cause of the tragedy and come up with solutions.

Chemical poisoning ruled out in Orang Asli deaths

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says X-ray results show that upper respiratory viral infection was the likely cause of death of the Kampung Koh villagers.

Cause of death of Orang Asli still unconfirmed, says health ministry

But minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says the deaths were likely caused by bacteria and a viral secondary infection.

Japan stabbing attack leaves 2 dead, among them a child

Police confirm two deaths, including that of a child and 17 injuries in Tokyo park stabbing.

Sri Lanka bomb attacks results in more than 60 arrests

Sri Lankan has arrested more than 60 people and another 100 are most likely to be arrested.

Despite warnings, more Americans die from high sodium intake

American are consuming their food with high sodium content.

Heavy clashes erupt in southern suburbs of Libya capital

The death toll in Libya has rose to 220.

Honda says 16th US death confirmed in airbag rupture

Another seven deaths have been confirmed in Honda vehicles with faulty Takata airbag inflators in Malaysia.

More than 1,000 feared dead in Mozambique storm

More than a thousand are believed dead after Cyclone Idai unleashed fierce winds and flash floods in Mozambique.

Notable deaths in 2018

From soul diva Aretha Franklin to astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and former UN chief Kofi Annan, here are some of the notable figures who passed away in 2018.

Six dead, dozens hurt in stampede at Italian nightclub

The victims include three girls and two boys aged between 14 and 16 and a 39-year-old woman who accompanied her daughter to the concert.

Floods in Jordan kill 11, force tourists to flee Petra

The latest deaths come after Oct 25 flash floods in the Dead Sea region of the kingdom killed 21 people.