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China factory blast death toll jumps to 64, man rescued after...

Thursday's explosion in the eastern city of Yancheng injured hundreds and flattened an industrial park. 

Malaysia ready to back firms willing to find missing flight MH370,...

Ocean Infinity has yet to put forward a fresh proposal for a new search using new technology, says Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook.

US hunter shows debris said to be of missing flight MH370

These five items include a part from a Boeing 777 floor panel, according to group spokesman Blaine Gibson.

Govt ready to resume search for MH370 if credible evidence emerges

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook says he will meet families who claim they have found more pieces of the missing plane.

MH370 families say they may have found pieces of debris

They say they will meet the transport minister on Friday to hand over the newly discovered debris.

Indonesia sifts through plane debris, orders jet inspection

Stretched out along the dock was a growing collection of items plucked from the sea -- single shoes, torn pieces of clothing, wallets and bags scattered among aircraft seats stripped of their blue covers by the sheer impact of the crash.

Officials expect more dead as rescuers probe Florida hurricane debris

The concern was for people who ignored evacuation orders ahead of the storm and stayed put in communities that were demolished by Michael's ferocity on Wednesday.

Chinese relatives frustrated by MH370 report

They complain report is only in English and there is little new information on disappearance of plane.

MH370 wreck likely in new search area, says report

ABC news network says no debris has turned up in Australia, as it should have if the plane had crashed in the original search area.

Minister: Don’t worry about debris from space station hitting Malaysia

Wilfred Madius Tangau says SOPs are in place to deal with foreign debris entering country’s space.

MH370 final report highly questionable, says report

Journalist slams ATSB over report which she says seems to have been made as part of an exercise in media management, with misleading points and weak references.

Officials head to Madagascar over possible MH370 debris

Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai warns however that it is too early to tell if the debris had indeed come from the plane.

No debris with consul at time of assassination, says wreck hunter

Blaine Alan Gibson says whether Houssenaly Zahid Raza's death was related to MH370, his consular capacity or other business or personal matters is premature.

DCA warns against speculating on consul’s death

DCA director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman says the matter is under investigation.

Report: Malaysian consul responsible for MH370 debris assassinated

Aussie daily says Houssenaly Zahid Raza was tasked with ensuring that the MH370 debris was safely delivered to Malaysia.

Researchers: Objects spotted near suspected MH370 crash site

They say military satellite images show 70 identifiable objects floating in ocean two weeks after the tragedy.

Baby dies after being hit by debris from collapsed wall

The wall of a house collapses, killing a baby after a female driver mistakenly steps on the accelerator pedal of her car and slams into the wall.

MH370: Seychelles reports possible plane debris

Civil aviation authority says one of the pieces could be part of an engine cover.

Final report on MH370 by year-end

Two new pieces of plane debris have also been recovered, adding the total to 27, says minister.

Dutch police seize MH17 crash debris from reporter

Police seize material from freelancer Michel Spekkers that include "various bags with metal parts and an object which may be human remains".

MH370: 22 pieces of debris found so far, says Liow

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) expert has confirmed that the drifting pattern of the debris shows that the search going on for the plane is in the right area.

Families: What if MH370 didn’t crash?

Chinese relatives want authorities to explore the idea that their loved ones are being kept alive somewhere for some reason.

MH370 probe team gets aircraft debris from Madagascar

DCA says the debris will be sent for examination and analysis to determine if they originated from flight MH370.

MH370 relatives angry over ‘ignored’ debris

Potential clues have been left untouched for weeks, with no prospect of them being gathered and examined.