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Saudi buying of US Treasuries has soared since Trump election

Saudi Arabia’s purchase of America’s debt has not been discussed enough.

National debt now at RM797 bil, claims Najib

The former prime minister challenges Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng to prove him wrong.

Student debt a ‘life sentence’ for millions of Americans

Millions of Americans are paying a steep price for an education that will likely weigh them down financially for much of their adult life.

Why cabbies can’t settle debts to taxi firms

The lending terms are too harsh, say drivers' associations and a transport expert.

Part 2: The hidden dangers of financial infidelity

Find out how you can recover from financial infidelity, pay your debts and secure your future financial happiness.

Part 1: The hidden dangers of financial infidelity

If you discover purchases you didn't agree on, or that your partner gets emotional when you want to talk money, something is amiss.

Malaysia on right track to be next Asian Tiger, says Guan...

The finance minister says Putrajaya has managed to reduce debts and liabilities to RM1.07 trillion.

China’s vast investment in Africa hits a snag in Congo

The central African nation is seeking the International Monetary Fund for help and Beijing is not comfortable with that.

Stricken Jet Airways lenders to decide on emergency cash

The airline has only seven jets left after dozens of others were seized by creditors in recent weeks.

7 useful tips if you’re planning to take a home loan

You need to be smart and thorough with planning at every stage before you finally sign up for a particular home loan plan.

Part 2: 10 important tips to steer clear of credit card...

Here are Tips 6-10 on how to make your credit card a benefit and not a threat to your financial health.

Part 1: 10 important tips to steer clear of credit card...

Here are Tips 1-5 on how to make your credit card a benefit and not a threat to your financial health.

Saudi Arabia to raise around US$31 billion in debt this year

Oil rich Saudi Arabia is hugely in debt and and had US$150 billion outstanding government debt.

5 tried-and-tested tips for a financially secure future

Paying your future-self first, making smart investments and building an emergency cash fund can definitely guarantee a secure nest egg for you.

Dovish tilt spreads to Asia as funds hoover up regional bonds

Debt is rallying across the region as a worsening economic outlook prompts dovish noises from central banks, suggesting the tightening cycle is over.

China deleveraging is dead as US$34 trillion debt habit roars back

From bank loans to trust-product issuance to margin-trading accounts at stock brokerages, leverage in China is rising nearly everywhere you look.

6 ways to break the cycle of living from paycheck to...

There are simple changes you can make to your spending habits to take the anxiety out of dreading the month-end when your bank account is dry.

US household debt in 2018 jumps US$400 billion

Many economists see the rising student debt burden crimping the economy, preventing college graduates from buying homes.

6 investment risks every investor should know

Because you are investing in a global market in which economies are linked, a political crisis in one part of the world could affect your investment portfolio where you live in another part of the world.

India’s Jet Airways grounds four aircraft after failing to pay lessors

No clarification on groundings being voluntary or forced.

Currency analyst explains Thai baht’s meteoric rise against ringgit

Currency specialist says ringgit has appreciated against the greenback recently due to the underperformance of the US dollar.

India’s Reliance lays out debt resolution plan

The company says its new proposal resembles a previous plan, which was hampered however by a lack of regulatory approvals and legal battles.

PM Modi’s record debt sales before polls to pressure Indian bonds

Worries about higher debt sales have re-emerged just as prices of oil have begun to recover and revenue from income tax and asset sales is trailing estimates.

Modi’s record debt sales before polls to pressure Indian bonds

Investors have turned skittish about the health of India’s finances amid signs that the government is ready to sacrifice fiscal discipline.