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Tag: debts

2020 Budget shows Malaysia being governed well, says Dr M

The prime minister says even though many had reservations about the ruling coalition being inexperienced, everyone receives an allocation under the budget.

Khazanah’s divestment proceeds not to pay govt debts, says Azmin

The minister says the only payments that the government received from Khazanah are in the form of annual dividends and taxes.

Khazanah to slash debt to RM40 bil, says Azmin

The sovereign wealth fund has reduced its debts from RM55 billion a year ago to RM47 billion, says the economics affairs minister.

Online gamblers, including kids, owe plenty to sharks, says MCA man

Michael Chong speaks of 350 cases involving debts totalling RM30 million.

Najib’s ex-aide tells of ‘secret China mission’ to bail out 1MDB

Amhari Efendi Nazaruddin tells court that fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho was also in China to join in the discussion with Chinese officials.

Why blame 1MDB for nation’s 2018 debt increase, asks Najib

The former prime minister says he won't be surprised if the state investment arm is again blamed for the increase in debts for 2019.

I cannot hold 2 posts at one time, says Tunku Ismail

He says his action to step down as FAM president is for continuity and boosting the standard of national football.

Powell: US business debt a moderate economic risk

With corporate debts reaching historic highs relative to the size of the economy, public comment has run the gamut, Powell says.

RM1.3 bil repatriated from 1MDB assets will be used to service...

The government says the debts include loans and interest borne by the finance ministry.

No U-turn in using RM1 bil on Sarawak school repairs, state...

Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen says the issue has reached a 'deadlock' because the Sarawak government wants to spend the money according to its own way.

Property market issues of today, explained

The issues include residential overhangs that have gone into the billions, high house prices, oversupply of houses in wrong locations and high household debts.

How to handle calls from debt collectors

Keep the call brief, don't give out any personal information, and remain calm and collected at all times.

9 steps towards financial freedom

Here is some handy advice on how to gauge your financial standing and make the necessary changes to achieve financial freedom.

Settle study loans even if it is small amount, PTPTN appeals...

PTPTN chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan says 20% of 1.8 million borrowers have not paid a single sen since finishing their studies.

Guan Eng ‘amazed’ by Ahmad Maslan’s loyalty to 1MDB, Najib

The finance minister says it is Ahmad’s choice to believe Arul Kanda over him.

Australia to buy US$1.4 billion in non-bank debt to help fund...

Loans to small businesses carry average interest rates about 2.15 percentage points higher than facilities to larger corporations, central bank data shows.

LGE says BN govt sold 1,481ha of state land in Penang,...

Accusing Najib Razak of resorting to personal attacks, the finance minister reiterates that the previous government left the nation’s finances in a bad state.

1MDB’s debt to IPIC may be more than double initial amount,...

According to the Straits Times, the Abu Dhabi state-owned company listed financial commitments amounting to an estimated US$6.89 billion, before interest.

Public land belongs to the people, don’t sell it

The Pakatan Harapan government should not sell our national assets, especially public lands, but should rather reclaim public assets that have been privatised and reforest and re-gazette all forests that have been degazetted and privatised.

Malaysia’s debts not unusually high, can be sustained, says expert

World Bank lead economist says what is important is to look at resilience of Malaysia’s debt profile.

We may have to come up with new taxes, says Dr...

The prime minister says this may be necessary to pay off the country's huge debts.

Debt Snowball Method: The best way to pay off debt

Dave Ramsey and Harvard researchers say its better to prioritise debt in the order of one's 'balances' of debt as opposed to the interest rates of those debts.

A high-income country with RM1,050 minimum wage?

If the government does not undertake tough reforms that are in the overall interest of the country, this will be a long and possibly wrong road to God-knows-where.

Putrajaya needs fiscal discipline to keep debts in check

The Pakatan Harapan government needs to make a difference and impose on itself the honesty to do what is right.