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Asia’s beaches go quiet as Chinese tourists stay home

The decline of Chinese travellers has become a painful lesson for Thailand and Indonesia which are overly dependent on visitors from China.

Apple-supplier Foxconn’s second-quarter profit less than expected

Foxconn did not elaborate on the causes of the profit decline.

Singapore cuts growth outlook as trade war deepens

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has revised its growth forecast downwards to 0%-1% this year, from a previous estimate of 1.5%-2.5%.

China birth rates fall in several regions in 2018

China desperate to improve the childbirth rate as its population keeps getting older.

China car sales drop at steepest rate in almost seven years

The fifth straight decline in monthly numbers comes against a backdrop of slowing economic growth and a crippling China-US trade war.

Prost, ganbei, cheers: Climate change means less beer

Heatwaves and droughts will periodically cause sharp declines in barley yields, a crucial ingredient in most beers.

Macron’s popularity falls further in September

Only 29% of those surveyed in September said they were satisfied with President Macron.

The solar market could contract for the first time ever

The potential decline is a testament to just how much sway China’s solar demand still has in the global market. The country decided in June to put the brakes on new installations this year.

Iran’s policy to stem currency decline backfires

Rouhani’s political standing has become more precarious over the unravelling of the nuclear accord he championed.

China is expected to defend Yuan if it weakens about 1%...

Most of the 18 traders and analysts surveyed by Bloomberg say policy makers will act to slow the currency’s slide once it gets close to 6.7 per dollar in China’s onshore market.

H&M has another quarter of declining profit on logistics snags

The Swedish retailer started introducing a new logistics system to speed shipments up but ran into snags that interrupted deliveries to markets including the US and France, as well as slowing down online sales in the Nordic region.

Pharmaniaga share price drops as Putrajaya reviews monopoly

Shares fall amid news that Putrajaya is reviewing concession agreements for medical supplies.

Fox,Telemundo 2018 World Cup ratings decline 44% from 2014

Together, the two networks paid more than $1 billion for the US rights to the tournament in Russia and the 2022 event in Qatar, and now they both face the same headwinds.

EPF sees RM6 bil drop in investment value after GE14, says...

According to a news report, EPF’s investments in the construction sector were the most badly affected due to the PH government’s plan to review mega infrastructure projects.

Pound holds loss after inflation data as Brexit tension simmers

The pound fell 0.4% to $1.3324, taking this week’s loss to 0.6%.

Astro’s Q1 net profit declines to RM173.9 mil

It says the decrease in net profit was mainly due to higher net finance costs.

Study warns of alarming decline in Australian fish

The main causes were overfishing and climate change.

Ringgit sees worst drop in 18 months after Dr M’s surprise...

The currency slipped as much as 0.9% to 3.9870 at 8.49am.

Islamic banks face uneven impact from correspondent banking decline

Last month, the FSB had said the decline in correspondent banking remains a source of concern with potentially adverse consequences for global trade, financial inclusion and financial stability.

Species in decline worldwide, humans at risk

Human activity has driven animals and plants into decline in every region of the world, putting our own well-being at risk by over-harvesting and polluting, a comprehensive species survey warned Friday.

Shahrizat turns down Jamal’s offer to contest in Sg Besar

Umno Wanita chief says there are many local figures with potential to be candidates in constituency.

Study shows KTM running out of steam

Only the Electric Train Service is saving KTM and the future looks bleak for the traditional train service, says the Penang Institute, in offering suggestions on how KTM can shunt its way to recovery.

Malaysia auto sales among worst in Asean in 2017

While sales of vehicles in other countries in the region went up, sales in Malaysia and Brunei showed a downtrend, says Asean auto body.

Startling orangutan population decline recorded in Borneo

But a biologist doesn't think the species will go extinct soon as there is a stable population in the larger national parks in Indonesia and some areas in Malaysia.