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Tag: dedication

Not all past teachers good, not all present teachers bad

Although many older people tend to think that teachers of the past had more commitment and passion, there were also some poor excuses for teachers then, just as there are some excellent teachers today.

Change the teachers to improve the education system

Most people say that teachers in the past were full of passion and dedication and that they genuinely cared for their students but that today’s teachers are a different lot altogether.

Make-up artist pushes boundaries with prosthetics for Oscar-nominated “Wonder”

"If this would have looked fake or mask-y, the whole movie wouldn't have worked," said Tuiten, referring to the prosthetics used to depict Auggie's face.

Shock! Horror! Nothing for Father’s Day?

Fathers deserve the same recognition as mothers for their daily sacrifices, hard work, dedication and tough ‘dad’ love.

Dedicated doc at Hospital Taiping will be dearly missed

Just when doctors recommended amputation, one orthopaedic surgeon stepped in to ensure my grandmother's leg was saved.