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Tag: defamation

Penang Umno leaders win suit against Exco Dr Afif

Seberang Jaya assemblyman and Exco Dr Afif Bahardin ordered to pay RM320,000 to Penang Umno reps for defamation.

Najib’s bid to cancel paragraphs in suit set for May 5

Judicial Commissioner Roslan Abu Bakar sets the date after hearing submissions from counsel.

‘Najib may take up one test case and sue’

Lawyer Hafarizam Harun says PM may take up one defamation case and then "see how it develops" as part of strategic approach in suing.

Kayveas: PM can sue for defamation, but should let it be

myPPP president says lawsuits are a waste of time and money.

Rafizi won’t back down over Jakel joke at rally

Politicians should not be too quick to file suit, says PKR man, people talk about you every day.

Wan Shades sues Rotikaya blog owner for defamation

Singer says the blog published a defamatory article implying that he had raped his own step-daughter although he didn’t have such a step-daughter.

Anwar withdraws defamation suit

Lawyer Shafee Abdullah says Nallakaruppan happy Anwar has dropped suit.

NFC, Salleh lose defamation suit against Nurul Izzah

High Court rules that Nurul Izzah was doing her job as MP in raising questions.

MCMC urged to take action against Perak DAP chief

Sarawak assistant minister slams Nga, says online posting was a 'despicable and malicious act'.

Ramesh Rao to sue Sarawak Report for defamation

President of PMSP has challenged Sarawak Report to prove that he is a cybertrooper and a bankrupt as they have claimed.