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Tag: defamation

Indian minister sues woman alleging sexual harassment for defamation

Accused of a range of inappropriate behaviour by female journalists, the lawsuit comes amid widespread calls on social media for Akbar's resignation from his post as India's minister of state for external affairs.

NGO leader faces defamation suit over article critical of water situation...

Isham Jalil says he will contest the lawsuit filed by SYABAS over the article published before GE14.

Sultanah demands apology from Rewcastle-Brown in 8 days

Issue surrounds a paragraph which allegedly links the sultanah to fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho and the 1MDB scandal.

Sultanah bent on suing Rewcastle-Brown despite apology

Her lawyer says the Sarawak Report editor's statement does not amount to an apology.

Lawyer defends Guan Eng’s suit amid controversy over apex court’s ruling

Lawyer Americk Sidhu says his client sues in his personal capacity to protect his reputation.

Ex-Umno candidate apologises to Anwar for bribery claims

Mazlan Ismail, Umno's candidate for Permatang Pauh in GE13, admits that he did not verify the claim before calling a press conference on the matter.

Government’s right to sue: Just don’t, lawyers group tells PH

Lawyers for Liberty says Pakatan Harapan must take a clear stand against suing those who criticise either the federal government or state governments under the coalition.

Zaid to challenge apex court ruling on govt’s right to sue

The former law minister says the decision yesterday will effectively silence dissent.

Cenbet: Amend GPA to stop governments from suing for defamation

The Centre For A Better Tomorrow says allowing governments to sue or threaten to sue individuals or organisations could lead to a totalitarian state.

Govt’s right to sue makes free speech meaningless, says deputy minister

Deputy law minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin says the people have the right to comment on their government, even if their comments appear defamatory.

Najib: Allowing govt to sue for defamation threatens freedom of speech

The former prime minister questions why activists and Pakatan politicians have remained silent about the court ruling.

Ex-judge questions ruling that government can sue individuals

Gopal Sri Ram says the Federal Court's ruling today denies an individual his right to criticise the government without restriction.

Court rules governments can sue individuals for defamation

Justice Ahmad Maarop says the right of the government to sue in civil proceedings, including for defamation, is not subject to the common law of England.

Rafizi ordered to answer defamation charge on Tabung Haji

The judge rules that the prosecution has proven a prima facie case against the PKR vice-president.

Judge appears likely to toss Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit

LOS ANGELES: A federal judge appeared poised Monday to toss out a defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump by porn actress Stormy Daniels. Judge S....

Gerakan told to pay Guan Eng RM20,000 in costs

High Court rules on quantum today after the party's decision to drop its defamation suit two weeks ago.

Ex-minister’s suit against Sabah publisher settled out of court

Publisher to carry apology in Daily Express within 30 days.

Khairy’s leave application over Anwar’s defamation suit fixed for Nov 7

Lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah has been appointed to represent the PKR leader in place of R Sivarasa who is now a deputy minister.

Penang tunnel builder drops suit against Gerakan man

Both sides settle the defamation case via a consent judgment.

Gerakan drops defamation suit against Guan Eng

Court orders Gerakan to pay undetermined costs to Lim Guan Eng after the party drops its case on the 'RM1 land sale' issue.

Anwar’s defamation suit against TV3, Mazlan to be settled out of...

Counsel Hasnal Rezua Merican says his client, Mazlan Ismail, and TV3 agreed to record consent judgment.

Trump pressed by ‘Apprentice’ woman to detail his ‘illicit’ past

Summer Zervos is seeking damages from Trump on the grounds that he defamed her when he dismissed her account as untruthful.

Najib’s lawyer wants trial put off ‘until things cool down’

The ex-prime minister's counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says Najib Razak is entitled to a fair trial in court and not trial by media.

Felcra sues deputy minister, Roketkini for defamation

The company claims it was accused of conducting illegal sale of palm oil that caused losses to Felcra.