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Tag: defective

Enact ‘lemon laws’ to protect car buyers, says CAP

With mounting complaints of car defects coming in, the consumer group says there is no legal redress currently for complainants.

Court dismisses ex-CID chief’s suit against Najib

High Court rules that Mat Zain Ibrahim’s suit to disqualify Najib Razak as prime minister is no longer relevant as Najib no longer leads the country.

Vague CBT charges against Najib must be corrected, says lawyer

The prosecution should amend the wording in the charges as soon as possible to ensure that the former prime minister is not confused, says Md Yusuf Md Idris.

Court affirms Khairy must pay RM150,000 in damages to Anwar

Court of Appeal allows application by Anwar to strike out Umno Youth chief's notice of appeal as 'ambiguous and uncertain'.

School told to stop dual language programme or face action

Parents want Science and Maths to be taught in Tamil, not in English at SRJK Vivekananda in PJ.

Lawyer: Revised charge against deported Turk is defective

Ismet Oczelick’s lawyers plan to seek an outright acquittal on a criminal charge against him while also, separately, challenging his deportation to Turkey.