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No savings? Here’s how to still fund your child’s higher education

Scholarships, grants, bursaries and study loans are just some of the options available.

Decadence in academe

There is a trend to separate human development from economic growth and nation building.

Mujahid demands apology from Hadi over ‘small brain’ remark

The minister wants his former party's boss to apologise over an article in PAS portal Harakahdaily.

5 reasons why you should study in the US

Known for its excellent international reputation, US varsities are bastions of cultural diversity and invest in optimised classroom experiences and more.

Marzuki remains PPBM sec-gen despite ‘fake’ degree claim, says Muhyiddin

The PPBM president says Marzuki has given an explanation, adding that PH and PPBM always hold to principles of integrity, honesty and truth.

Marzuki’s scroll, small minds and big mouths

Marzuki Yahya and others with lowly degrees have nothing to be ashamed of as long as they have integrity and humility.

I never lied about my academic background, says Marzuki

The deputy foreign minister produces a certificate to show he graduated from Cambridge International University (CIU).

Politicians and their obsession with fake degrees

Can we trust politicians who have no qualms about using a fake degree when they declare their assets to the public?

Deputy minister: I leave it to cops to verify validity of...

This comes after an activist lodged a police report asking for the deputy minister’s academic credentials to be verified.

Legit or fake? Activist files police complaint over deputy minister’s degree

Muhsin Abdul Latheef claims the degree is not offered outside the United Kingdom, despite the deputy minister's claim.

Passion vs income: How does one choose?

Which you do want - a career that allows you to do what you love most or a mundane job that earns you big bucks? Read on for some sound advice.

Studying to become a lawyer

A lawyer advises and represents clients in court or in private legal matters and communicates with them, colleagues, judges and other professionals involved in a case.

A-Level or Australian Matriculation: Which should it be?

Below are some of the factors to be considered when choosing between either a Cambridge A Level or AUSMAT.

What you can do with a law degree

Besides practising law, law degree holders can pursue a career in publishing and marketing such as a legal editor, proofreader, copywriter, or even a novelist.

Here’s how we can produce thinking and professional grads

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) must be overhauled and the people in charge must not think that the curriculum is the Word of God.

When your ‘ability’ determines your affordability rating

It is your choice to ensure that you have the ability to generate income over time so you can afford to buy your desired piece of property.

Debt-conscious millennials are ditching credit cards

Millennials have been accused of disrupting many industries, from newspapers to brick-and-mortar stores. Credit cards appear to be next in line.

Sanjeevan charged for claiming he has UK degrees

The accused allegedly claimed he has degrees in law and business administration from the United Kingdom.