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Sabah: We want new state, federal seats tabled together in Dewan...

After the failure to table 13 new Sabah state seats in the Dewan Rakyat, Sabah government says it is waiting for EC to complete redrawing of parliamentary boundaries to increase the number.

Delineation: Courts can inquire into complaints, says lawyer

The judiciary cannot abdicate its powers to some other organs of the government under the doctrine of separation of powers, argues constitutional lawyer Cyrus Das.

MPs predict Dewan Rakyat will be dissolved in first week of...

Liew Chin Tong says Dewan Rakyat may be dissolved right after the tabling of redelineation proposal.

Yacht, seats redrawing to take centre stage at ‘final’ Dewan Rakyat...

The sitting which begins today is likely to pass the redelineation of seats ahead of the general election.

Legal tussle of voters, MPs with EC comes to an end

'It is our opinion that the EC's recommendations are not amenable to judicial review,' says Chief Justice Raus Sharif.

Bersih seeks 100,000 signatures to defeat EC’s boundary changes

Analyst warns changes proposed by the EC will help BN capture more seats and regain its two-third parliamentary majority.

Voter disparity shows EC failed in remapping boundaries, says MP

Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming says the parliament seat of Kapar has nearly four times as many voters as Sabak Bernam.

Courts fail voters in EC redelineation challenges, says Sri Ram

Retired judge, lawyer say voters suffered a setback as courts were not prepared to hold EC accountable over redrawing of boundaries and procedural issues.

Warisan queries delay in tabling new Sabah seats

Warisan number two Darrell Leiking says delay in getting new electoral boundaries approved by Parliament could even prevent state polls from being held during GE14.

Noh Omar: Opposition giving misleading statements

He also raps Selangor MB for not attending 71st National Council Meeting on Local Governments held last Monday.

Court refuses leave on right to get redelineation information from EC

Chief Justice says there could be another case for the court to answer the legal questions activist Haris Ibrahim has raised but that his challenge is not the proper case for the merit of the appeal to be heard.

Bersih tells EC to resign for ignoring Selangor court case

Electoral watchdog says EC's move to publish second delineation proposal while Selangor's judicial review is still being heard is 'unconstitutional and smacks of contempt of court'.

Bersih 2.0 withdraws suit against EC

This comes after the Election Commission agrees to conduct a local inquiry regarding an objection to the proposed redelineation exercise for Segambut.

EC using ‘backdoor’ to change boundaries, says think tank

Penang Institute says changes will have a significant impact on seats with marginal support.

Redelineation: Selangor gets stay to halt EC from holding inquiries

The stay will be enforced until the trial begins in the High Court on Jan 20 next year.

Selangor govt given leave to challenge EC’s redelineation exercise

The state government is now seeking a stay to stop the Election Commission from holding further inquiries on its proposed redelineation exercise.

Bersih chairman wants court to stop EC redelineation

Maria Chin Abdullah files judicial review, wants court to declare the Election Commission's redelineation exercise null and void.

MCA: Redelineation not good for multi-ethnic nation

MCA to present delineation counter proposal at BN meeting on Friday.

Petition against polling district transfer launched

Balakong State Assemblyman Ng Tien Chee says the 1,562 voters in Taman Bukit Belimbing are concerned they may lose out in the proposed re-delineation exercise.

Penang MPs to study new electoral borders with fine-tooth comb

Election Commission must re-delineate based on ‘one citizen, one vote’ and ‘kill’ gerrymandering, say Penang Pakatan MPs.

Bersih 2.0 still unhappy with EC over voter transfer

Maria Chin says reply from EC to its complaint that more than 118,000 voters were moved from their constituencies not satisfactory, and that Bersih 2.0 plans to do something about it.