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Tag: Deloitte Malaysia

Lack of proper audit of 1MDB suggests cover-up, says Pua

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua says doubtful financial statements for 2013, 2014 and no audit since, shows state-owned firm trying to prevent truth from being discovered.

Deloitte: SPRM tak serbu pejabat, cuma mohon bantuan

Deloitte berkata ia tidak disiasat SPRM yang sedang menyiasat pembelian sebuah hotel di London oleh Felda Investment Corporation.

Deloitte: No raid on our office, just request for assistance

Deloitte says it is not under investigation with respect to MACC’s probe on Felda Investment Corporation’s London hotel purchase or any other matters.

Pua: Who is ‘undisclosed buyer’ in new 1MDB-IPIC settlement?

1MDB new auditor's biggest challenge is to audit and verify the purported sale of 1MDB's Brazen Sky or its assets to an 'undisclosed third party', says DAP's Tony Pua.

SRC International yet to find replacement for Deloitte

Deloitte Malaysia remains the auditor until a new one is appointed, says finance ministry.

Siasatan institut akauntan ke atas juruaudit 1MDB masih berjalan

CEO Institut Akauntan Malaysia tidak mahu beri garis masa bila siasatan akan selesai.

1MDB still mired in multi-billion dollar debt, Pua tells Johari

DAP lawmaker blasts Second Finance Minister for saying Deloitte and 1MDB declaring 2013, 2014 audit reports null does not affect 1MDB.

Rafizi offers audit services for free to 1MDB

PKR leader dares 1MDB Chairman to appoint him if there was no misappropriation in the fund's transactions.

Pua questions lack of action by MIA against 1MDB auditors

DAP leader slams inaction by accounting regulatory body even after more than a year following complaints he had made against KPMG and Deloitte for alleged irregularities in 1MDB audit.

Was Deloitte M’sia misled by 1MDB to be let off the...

Tony Pua asks why financial auditors accepted at “face value” the promise of the full US$1.23 billion redemption by end November 2014?

Investments in Cayman Islands doubtful

Opposition's Tony Pua questions the logic for 1MDB to invest in Cayman Islands when the returns are much lower.