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Tag: Demilitarised Zone

Trump returns to critics after historic N. Korea stop

Critics say Donald Trump is already spending diplomatic capital by meeting Kim Jong-un on his own terms and inviting him to the White House.

History made as Donald Trump steps into North Korea

Donald Trump creates history today, as he becomes the first US president to step foot in its former enemy country.

North Korea blows up frontline bunkers

Seoul's defence ministry said Southern soldiers observed and confirmed the guard posts were completely ruined at the announced time.

Koreas and UN Command discuss demilitarising border

The talks were the first meeting of a trilateral JSA commission made up of the two Koreas and the UN Command, which is included as it retains jurisdiction over the southern half of the JSA.

Syria rebels say to remove heavy weapons from buffer zone within...

All rebels in the demilitarised zone must withdraw heavy arms by Wednesday, and radical groups must leave by October 15.

First rebel group begins withdrawal from demilitarised zone in Syria’s Idlib

The group is the first to comply with a requirement to leave a demilitarised buffer zone.

Russia, Turkey agree borders of demilitarised zone in Idlib

SARAJEVO: Russia and Turkey have agreed on borders of the demilitarised zone around Syria's Idlib, Russia's top diplomat said Friday, part of a deal...

Koreas to shut down some border guard posts: Seoul

The DMZ, designated as a buffer zone, bisects the Korean peninsula and includes a Joint Security Area around the truce village of Panmunjom, where negotiations take place.

Korean family reunions bring no end to heartache

Southerners and Northerners are confined to two different hotels and allowed to see meet only over 2 meals and a separate 2-hour session - a total of only about six hours.

North Korea frees South Korean detainee arrested in July

The detainee, named Seo, was apprehended for allegedly entering the North illegally via Panmunjom in July.

‘Peace and prosperity’: Korean leaders plan declaration after rare summit

Kim Jong-un has become the first North Korean leader since the Korean War to go to South Korea.