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Tag: democracy

Hong Kong riot police fire tear gas, hound protesters

Clashes ensue after tens of thousands protested, attacked cops, torched metro stations.

China halts shipments of black clothing into Hong Kong

Masks, bulk orders of umbrellas, sticks also barred.

China denies telling NBA to fire exec over Hong Kong tweet

Beijing claims it has never raised such demands.

China demanded NBA fire Rockets exec over Hong Kong tweet

Commissioner says the league replied: 'There's no chance that's happening'.

Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s hands-off policy for politicians

The CEO sees Facebook and other social platforms as a positive force in worldwide democracy.

China irked by Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Hong Kongers

Beijing has had a tense relationship with award committee.

US passes bill supporting HK protesters, earns Beijing’s rebuke

Beijing tells Washington to stop meddling in its affairs.

HK violence is ‘life-threatening’, claim police, citing bomb explosion

Law enforcers are speaking up after an officer’s neck was slashed, an explosive was detonated.  

Google pulls Hong Kong protester role-playing mobile game

Second app to be pulled after China's criticism of Apple.

Hundreds chant ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ outside court

Crowd gather in support of activist facing six years in jail for his role in 2016 riot.

China slams Apple for ‘reckless’ support of HK protesters

New transport app alleged to help demonstrators locate police irks Beijing.

People have more democratic space now after GE14, says AG

Tommy Thomas says this freedom is being enjoyed by individuals and critics of the government.

Cops probe pro-Hong Kong protest in KL

Some 70 people gathered in the capital on Sunday in solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters.

Activists push US Congress to pass Hong Kong bill

The activists say they're not asking for foreign interference, they’re asking for democracy.

Hong Kong school students form human chain after weekend of protests

Secondary school students stand in solidarity with Hong Kong anti-government protestors as they formed human chains in districts across Hong Kong.

China won’t tolerate attempts to separate Hong Kong from China

Chinese state media says Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China and any form of secessionism 'will be crushed'.

Tear gas fired after HK protesters call on Trump to ‘liberate’...

Protestors turn violent in Causeway Bay after rallying at the US consulate, resulting in the firing of tear gas by the police.

Malaysia is a nation of extremes

Extremism can either rear its ugly head or contribute to progressive collective behaviour.

Activists urge Taiwan to join fight for Hong Kong democracy

Taiwan has been called to help promote democracy in Hong Kong amidst protests against an extradition bill.

Merdeka with a difference

As Malaysians, we have no option except to work together.

Sudan swears in ruling council and prime minister

Abdalla Hamdok took the oath as Sudan's transitional prime minister.

The Cabinet should ask: Will this unite or divide Malaysians

In the past, several policies or their implementation served to divide Malaysians, but in the New Malaysia, all policies should be geared towards forging unity

Lowering voting age to 18 will ensure democratic vibrancy

If those aged 18 to 21 are old enough to drive, serve in the armed forces, pay taxes and get married, they should also have a voice in their government.

Thai king swears in coup leader’s cabinet

Prayuth stays on as prime minister after being chosen by junta-appointed senate and pro-military legislators under a system that his opponents said was unfair.