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As Biden weighs 2020 bid, Democrats ask, ‘Does he meet the...

While the former vice-president remains popular, the Democrats may not need him to stand against Trump.

Former top US security officials decry Trump’s emergency bid

Trump's move to redirect funds to build his promised border wall has been challenged with lawsuits.

House Democrats take first step to thwart Trump emergency decree

While Democrats have expressed the desire to get started on their policy agenda, they have also been eager to act as a check on Trump.

Trump says wall coming `one way or the other’ as lawmakers...

Trump says in a tweet that if Democrats didn’t give him all the wall money he’s demanded, he may use executive action to build it.

US Treasury welcomes ‘support’ from Democrats on China

Trump and Chinese officials projected optimism after negotiations aimed at reaching a trade agreement.

Under pressure to recalibrate, defiant Trump tackles big speech

Trump signals the address to include extensive remarks about his standoff with Democrats over building a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Trump to lawmakers: Don’t waste your time, deal needs wall

Trump has threatened a resumption of the record-long shutdown if the panel fails to find common ground or produces a plan he does not like.

US government reopens as clock starts on funding talks

The longest shutdown in US history ended on Friday when President Donald Trump and Congress agreed to temporary government funding.

Senator Kamala Harris announces US presidential run

Harris joins Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, among others, in vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

White House pushes back after explosive report alleges Trump told lawyer...

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani calls the allegation in the BuzzFeed report "categorically false" in a comment sent to several White House reporters.

Trump storms out of talks on shutdown, bemoans ‘total waste of...

Exasperated Democrats called Trump's behaviour a "temper tantrum" and said the meeting broke down when they refused to commit to funding his proposed southern border wall.

Stop holding Americans ‘hostage’ over shutdown, Pelosi tells Trump

In a sombre appeal to the nation, Trump spoke of Americans who have been "savagely murdered in cold blood" by immigrants who crossed illegally into the United States.

Trump slams ‘disgraceful’ Democrat’s profane impeachment vow

Trump tartly dismissed the threat of impeachment, while the newly elected Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared loath to reign in the congresswoman's language.

Trump pledges to work with Democrats but demands wall

The tussle over the Mexican border wall has led to a shutdown of the US government that has lasted nearly 2 weeks.

Democrats take on Trump as divided US Congress gets to work

Among the first tasks of the 116th Congress will be ending the shutdown.

Trump blames Democrats for migrant children’s death, amid budget impasse

Trump's comments came after the deaths of two Guatemalan children who crossed the border illegally with relatives who were taken into custody by US Border Patrol.

Shutdown enters sixth day with no signs of progress on horizon

Trump is demanding US$5 billion for the Mexico border wall, while Democrats have proposed US$1.3 billion for border security.

Shutdown begins as Trump and Democrats negotiate on border wall

While negotiations to resolve the impasse are underway, it’s not clear whether parts of the government will remain shuttered for days or weeks.

Shutdown deadline looms as Trump, Democrats fight over wall money

Fears of a shutdown sent US stocks tumbling, with the Dow closing down 2.0%.

Govt shutdown threat remains as US Democrats reject Trump bid

Republicans presently control Congress, including 51 seats in the 100-member Senate.

Outraged Democrats vow to challenge court ruling undercutting Obamacare

Democrats, who have seen the law survive scores of legal and legislative attacks, vowed to fight back, saying the health coverage of millions of Americans is at stake.

Hong Kong democrats ‘furious’ over new election ban

Hong Kong legislator Eddie Chu is the first person to be blocked from standing in rural village elections after poll officials decided he is pro-independence.

Top US Democrats urge acting attorney general to step aside from...

Democrats have also questioned if Whitaker was properly appointed to the position.

Senate Democrats weigh lawsuit over Trump’s appointment of Whitaker

Senate Democrats were pondering suing Trump, the sources said, on the grounds that, in naming Whitaker, the president ignored a statutory line of succession at the Justice Department.