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Campaign against Europe just got boost from Swedish voters

BRUSSELS: Europe’s political outsiders chalked up another milestone in the Swedish election as a rise in support for nationalists showed the battle lines being...

Obama hits California campaign trail in search of house seats

The former president urged voters who’ve remained on the sidelines to grab some clip-boards and knock on doors to get out the vote.

Facebook and Google feel chill from once-friendly Washington

Lawmakers from both parties grilled top tech executives this week about whether, and how, Washington should rein them in.

Obama rebukes Trump as he enters midterm political fight

Obama delivered a sharp rebuke of his successor and decried what he said was the failure of Republicans to serve as a check.

Trump Supreme Court nominee faces tough hearings in Congress

Democrats have hoped that one or more Republican senators in favour of abortion rights, particularly moderate Susan Collins, would oppose the nominee.

Trump says his `great job’ means democrats can’t impeach him

Republicans have tried to frame the November elections as a decision about whether Democrats will be able to impeach Trump.

Democrats say hacking attempt was unauthorized ‘test’

The Democratic Party now believe the fake voter database website was built by a third party as part of a simulated phishing test on VoteBuilder.

US Democrats make Republican scandals an election issue

The conviction and guilty plea of two former members of Trump's inner circle spotlights the Democratic argument that Republicans have failed to check the excesses of corruption under Trump.

Democrats make abortion focus of Supreme Court fight

Democrats are hoping to prevent Trump from tilting the court to the hard right by tapping an ultra-conservative to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, the tie-breaking vote between the liberals and conservatives.

Republicans near their goal of overturning Roe, reaching it could backfire

For three decades, Republicans have successfully used the abortion issue to mobilize the religious right, whose support proved critical in Trump’s 2016 election.

Democrats rush to border to decry Trump’s family separations

As controversy rages over the separations, first lady Melania Trump, in a rare foray into policy matters, said Sunday through a spokeswoman that the US must be a country that “governs with heart.”

Trump says he won’t sign House immigration compromise measure

The draft bill being circulated Thursday would provide money for Trump’s US-Mexico border wall and allow provisional legal status for young undocumented immigrants who had been brought to the US as children.

Republican Pennsylvania congressman bows out of re-election bid, boosting Democrat hopes...

Costello will not seek re-election due to the redrawn suburban-Philadelphia district that now favours Democrats and a desire to spend more time with his family.

Trump says would have run unarmed into Florida school

Trump has also called for boosting school security, and controversially, arming some teachers and staff in addition to on-campus guards.

Pennsylvania Republicans ask US top court to block new congressional map

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has five Democratic justices and two Republicans and voted along strict party lines to throw out the old map.

Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode

US President Donald Trump accuses influential former talk show host of asking questions that were biased and slanted, says her facts were incorrect.

Next Trump hurdles: November mid-terms, 2020 primaries

Trump is entangled in an alarming face-off with North Korea, has antagonised US allies over Iran, and faces accusations of racism and hatemongering.

Psychiatrist briefed lawmakers on Trump mental health

"Lawmakers were saying they have been very concerned about this, the President's dangerousness, the dangers that his mental instability poses on the nation," says Dr. Bandy Lee.

Al Franken quits US Senate after sexual misconduct claims

The once-popular lawmaker, who made his name on the popular late-night show "Saturday Night Live," last month acknowledged and apologized for one incident of sexual misconduct, vowing to work to regain public trust.

Hoping to change his luck in Congress, Trump turns to Democrats

Frustrated with Republican leaders, Trump is moving away from a strategy that relies on passing legislation on strict party lines.