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Tag: Denison Jayasooria

Leaderless Suhakam ‘a sign of flagging PH commitment’

Former commissioner Denison Jayasooria questions the delay in appointing a new chairman and new members of Suhakam, the national human rights commission.

Let’s frankly discuss matriculation issue, says academic

Denison Jayasooria calls for a review of the justification for a Bumiputera quota.

End racism, hate speech, civil society group tells PM

Lawyers, human rights activists and former civil servants say in their new year message to Dr Mahathir Mohamad that they are willing to serve in any capacity to assist in nation-building.

Activist: Let’s have more forums on death penalty

Denison Jayasooria urges Putrajaya to hold fast to its decision to abolish capital punishment and to defend it in public discussions.

Academic: Come clean on why Zakir Naik can remain in Malaysia

Denison Jayasooria says the Pakatan Harapan government has not given an explanation on the matter.

Race, religion, cost of living: PH’s challenges in the ‘new Malaysia’

Denison Jayasooria says PH must work to reassure rural Malay voters against the backdrop of a Malay-majority opposition.

Putrajaya urged to give Suhakam more bite

It needs the power to compel witnesses to cooperate in its inquiries, says UKM's Jayasooria.

Indian voters have shifted to multiracial parties, says prof

Denison Jayasooria says the Indian community has dropped its dependence on ethnic-based MIC and moved to support multiracial parties such as DAP and PKR.

Call for self-ruling body to oversee reforms

Academics speak of the need to ensure that the agenda for change is not forsaken in the face of a crippled opposition.

Discrimination: The need for a complaints panel

A lawyer says court proceedings can be too adversarial and Suhakam says complex issues require handling by experts.

Dislike of blacks linked to ignorance

Sociologist Denison Jayasooria laments that some Malaysians can't grasp the concept of a unified human identity.

Helping poor Indians: Expert decries quick fixes

Sociologist Denison Jayasooria criticises politicians for not thinking of long term strategies.

Fallacy to link teen pregnancies to Western films, says psychologist

Geshina Ayu Mat Saat says upbringing and education also have an influence on activities of youths.

Should you leave or live with your parents?

A sociologist says it may be better to get your own house, especially if you're married.

Academic: Sabah parents refuse govt pre-schools, fear conversion

UKM’s Denison Jayasooria says study shows Sabah Christians prefer sending children to pre-schools set up by church, private entities.

Smartphone app to report racism

Pusat Komas launches 'Report Racism MY', an app for Malaysians to report incidents of racism and collate data for studies.

New phase in Dr M’s fight against Najib?

Political analysts say his handshake with Anwar was aimed at endearing himself to opposition supporters.

Stop undermining Suhakam, Proham tells Putrajaya

NGO says it is totally unacceptable and unbecoming of a responsible government to slash funds and restrict the work of the human rights commission.