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Tag: Dennis Ignatius

Bukit Aman soal bekas duta mengenai kolum FMT tentang Zakir Naik

Dennis Ignatius mempertahankan artikel 13 Ogos itu, mengatakan ia ditulis dengan niat yang baik.

Bukit Aman questions ex-envoy over FMT column on ‘demagogue’ Zakir Naik

Dennis Ignatius defends his Aug 13 column piece, saying it was written in good faith.

Ex-envoy next to be called by Bukit Aman over Zakir Naik’s...

Dennis Ignatius says this is the first time he is being called in by police over his views.

Bekas duta ajak bukan Melayu sertai kempen utamakan produk Bumi

Dennis Ignatius berkata penawar racun ialah persaudaraan dan kematangan.

This Malaysia Day, let’s boycott hate and fear

Hostility and suspicion have shrouded our nation like the haze that is now choking us.

Is Pakatan Harapan serious about protecting human rights?

Or is the deportation of Turkish national Arif Komis and his family meant to get on the good side of the Erdogan regime.

Activists, rights groups blast Putrajaya after family of 6 sent back...

They say the Pakatan Harapan's statements in defence of human rights were mere lip-service.

Tak perlu reaksi keterlaluan, kata bekas duta atas kenyataan ‘paria’ PM

Dennis Ignatius berkata, 'paria' ialah perkataan bahasa Inggeris yang diiktiraf dan digunakan dengan baik yang membawa maksud golongan dipinggirkan.

Don’t overreact, ex-envoy says on Dr M’s ‘pariah’ remark

Dennis Ignatius says 'pariah' is a well used and well recognised English word that simply means outcast.

Why empower a demagogue like Zakir Naik?

The controversial preacher is destabilising our country and destroying what remains of our fragile unity.

Will khat make us more Malaysian?

The khat controversy comes at a time when the nation is already deeply divided.

Khat: An unnecessary distraction

Aren’t there far more important issues that we need to focus on right now than calligraphy, whether Jawi, Chinese or Tamil?

The government must come clean on Zakir Naik

High time Putrajaya explains why it is in the national interest to allow a wanted foreign fugitive to stay in the country.

Pakatan Harapan: Divided and distracted

Until PH gets its house in order, not much in terms of major reforms can be expected from this government.

Bekas duta turut bidas Mujahid selepas lawatan ke pusat tahanan Xinjiang

Dennis Ignatius berkata penindasan terhadap China bukan sesuatu yang direka, sebaliknya disahkan pelbagai sumber.

A narrative of hate and prejudice

The inability to rebut Zakir Naik's arguments is a problem of those who are against him.

Anwar: The man who would be king

Despite all his talk of forgiveness and having excellent relations with his former mentor, Anwar's discomfort is quite obvious when he talks about Mahathir.

Old battles in New Malaysia: The odyssey of Anwar and Mahathir

With the euphoria of May 9 dissipating, the unfinished battle between two long-time rivals – Mahathir and Anwar – is set to take centre stage. Former ambassador Dennis Ignatius gives a two-part analysis.

Divided we stand

In the sixth part of a series on Malaysia's evolution vis-a-vis China, former ambassador Dennis Ignatius says little has changed under the PH government when it comes to celebrating diversity.

From Proton Saga to Geely: A Malaysian failure

Despite getting RM360 billion and government protection, Proton failed to survive. In the end, it was taken over by a Chinese company that did not even exist in 1985.

The 33 ‘lost years’ in our ties with China

China’s rapid rise as an economic and political power did not happen by accident, writes former ambassador Dennis Ignatius in the third of a series on three decades of China-Malaysia ties.

33 years later, China’s rise to power

In the second part in a series, former ambassador Dennis Ignatius talks about 'the new Rome' that is China today.

China to get tough in talks with Putrajaya?

Ex-envoy Dennis Ignatius says Beijing is sending signals that it will back Chinese firms wanting to protect their interests.

Dr M’s China trip a disaster? Nonsense, say ex-diplomats

Two former diplomats say the prime minister's visit to China was never going to be easy as he had to discuss the cancellation or postponement of huge Chinese-led projects.