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Tag: depreciation

Lira eases drop as initial shock over sanctions threat subsides

Concern over the implications of the Russian S-400 missile-defence deal has weighed on the lira for months and contributed to its 10% loss this year.

Ringgit showing less depreciation against US dollar

The ringgit performance is also becoming more stable when compared with other regional currencies.

Chinese households shrug off depreciation fears to embrace yuan

The yuan has been Asia’s worst performer since March, but there is no sign of the kind of panic exhibited by the exodus of capital after China’s surprise yuan devaluation in 2015.

Equanimity can fetch half its price, says Sivarasa

The yacht is also subjected to depreciation in value, a legal conference was told.

India not worried about weak rupee if other currencies depreciate

The rupee, which has fallen more than 8% this year, has pushed up prices of imported items, creating a headache for Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of a general election due early next year.

China is asking banks to avoid yuan market ‘herd behaviour’

The onshore yuan has tumbled due to the escalating trade war and slowing Chinese economic growth.

China’s role as market anchor at risk with rapid Yuan slide

The yuan has slumped 3% against the dollar since June 14, when a raft of economic data came in below expectations.

Economy showing signs of fatigue, warns ex-deputy BNM governor

Lin See-Yan says the country is facing high debts, a weak currency and dependency on cheap foreign labour.

Najib blames RM decline on US Fed action, sale of Malaysian...

The government will ensure reserves are well-maintained, but people must also stop spreading news that might affect the economy, says PM.

Johari: No material decline in foreign reserves

Second Finance Minister says the level of reserves continue to be supported by sustained current account surpluses and inflows of foreign direct investment.