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Tag: depression

Snap out of that self-pitying habit

Self pity can be debilitating but you can snap out of it.

Sabah’s youngest ever state minister to tackle mental health issues

Ginger Phoong says mental health awareness among young people is poor in Sabah, and he wants to change this.

Always feeling bitter and negative? You need to read this

Not taking charge of our negative emotions can have devastating effects on us.

Ramkarpal tells Gobind’s ministry to probe girl’s ‘Instagram suicide’

Abetting in attempted suicide may be an offence, says the DAP lawyer.

The importance of companionship for the elderly

Studies show that older adults who lack companionship and feel lonely are at greater risk of developing diseases or experiencing medical issues.

Bangladesh Rana Plaza rescue hero commits suicide

Nowshad Hasan Himu was suffering from a bout of depression and had been traumatised by the Rana Plaza disaster.

Playing team sports could boost brain size and reduce depression in...

Research shows playing sport is associated with a larger hippocampal volume in both girls and boys, and also fewer symptoms of depression in boys.

Study links depression in early adulthood to memory loss at age...

New UK research has found that individuals who experience episodes of depression in their 20s, 30s and 40s are more likely to suffer from a worsening memory in their 50s.

How exercise can help boost happiness

Exercise could contribute well to the emotional well-being of an individual and ultimately result in a happier person.

Working long hours or weekends increases depression in women

The British study found that generally, older workers, smokers, and those who earned the least with minimal job control were more depressed.

A healthy diet linked to reduced symptoms of depression

New UK research has found that improving your diet could also improve symptoms of depression.

More evidence that physical activity can be a tool against depression

New US research has found evidence to suggest that keeping active is an effective preventive measure for depression.

5 ways to boost your mental health this year

A research says seniors can lower their chances of depression in old age by making regular trips out to the cinema, theatre or museums.

Social media linked to higher risk of depression in teen girls

The study says 12% of light social media users and 38% of heavy social media users showed signs of having more severe depression.

New study links a junk food diet to a higher risk...

A diet high in junk food may increase the risk of depression.

Cutting down social media use may also reduce depression and loneliness

Using less social media leads to significant decreases in both depression and loneliness.

Depression made Fury ‘want to die’

Tyson Fury's depression almost drove him to commit suicide.

Counselling is not a sign of failure, says Yeoh

The deputy women, family and community development minister wants counselling to be mainstream, accessible and affordable.

Is veganism linked to depression?

While research is inconclusive, there is strong indication that the lack of vitamin B12 in a vegan's diet could lead to bouts of depression and anxiety.

Public caning could affect women’s mental health, warns think tank

The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy says victims of public caning are at higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and depression.

Identifying the underlying issues of why we procrastinate

Being under stress, suffering from ADHD, anxiety or depression can be some of the reasons why we keep putting off doing simple tasks.

Anxiety, depression linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Research has found that experiencing symptoms of psychological distress such as depression and anxiety may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Reducing depressive symptoms in teens could also reduce depression for parents

New US research suggests that the bond between parents and children could affect their symptoms of depression.

Depression to be major mental health issue by 2020, says Lam...

The Malaysian Psychiatric Association patron cites an increase in the number of depression and anxiety disorder cases in 2017 compared to six years ago.