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PKR polls: Azmin leads Rafizi by nearly 4,000 votes

In a tight race for the deputy president's post, incumbent Mohamed Azmin Ali has won in 16 out of 21 divisions in Sarawak today.

Salang new Parti Rakyat Sarawak deputy president

Salang replaces former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Joseph Entulu Belaun, who was expelled from the party before GE14.

PKR polls: Azmin confident of retaining No 2 post

He says PKR members must not be too caught up in the excitement of the polls and should focus on fulfilling the aspirations of the people.

Tapah MP Saravanan goes for MIC No 2 post again

He will go up against former Perak MIC chairman M Ramasamy.

Rafizi takes slim lead over Azmin after winning FT polls

Rafizi Ramli says he has won in seven of the 13 divisions in the Federal Territories and obtained 2,934 votes against Azmin's 2,794.

PKR members head to the polls as party election kicks off

The focus is on the contest for the deputy presidency between Mohamed Azmin Ali and Rafizi Ramli.

What bad blood? Azmin, Rafizi bury the hatchet ahead of PKR...

The PKR leaders, who are both vying to be deputy president, are seen smiling and chatting at a press conference today.

Azmin more popular than Rafizi in Sarawak, say state PKR leaders

Sarawak PKR leaders say Mohamed Azmin Ali has done a lot for the state chapter and is seen as closer to the ground.

I can make PKR rule Sarawak, says Rafizi

The former Pandan MP who is vying for the deputy president's post says he has a strategy to increase PKR's seats in the state assembly.

Rafizi: My fight is to ensure Anwar becomes prime minister

Rafizi Ramli says PKR is divided between his supporters and those backing Azmin Ali and the contest for the post of deputy president is to settle this disunity.

Rafizi takes campaign to Sabah, says better deal under Anwar

The PKR deputy president aspirant says Sabah and Sarawak should be recognised as equal entities in the Malaysian federation.

PKR polls: Green light for Rafizi despite NFC conviction

The PKR vice-president has obtained exemption from the RoS as provided for in the Societies Act.

Selangor’s Selcat urged to investigate appointments of local councillors

PKR's chief whip says action must be taken if the claims made by two PKR leaders in the state are proven to be true.

If Azmin is challenged, that’s democracy, says PKR veep

Tian Chua also says there is nothing unusual in Azmin's appointment to a federal post.

Tommy Thomas right man to handle 1MDB case, says Mukhriz

PPBM deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir says with former PM Najib Razak arming himself with the best lawyers in relation to the 1MDB probe, Putrajaya needs a capable AG.

Umno post-GE14, just more of the same?

No one has admitted to Umno's failings, with most appearing to vie for 'safe' positions in the party.

EC tells who can appear on posters

The Election Commission issues a guideline on the dos and don'ts in posters ahead of the GE14 campaign which begins this weekend.

PAS No 2 to contest in Kubang Kerian

The party has not lost the seat since 1990, but this time it will likely be a three-cornered contest.

Mukhriz tells court: Pro-BN analysts named Kit Siang as PH’s potential...

Mukhriz Mahathir, who is suing Tunku Abdul Aziz for defamation, says Lim Kit Siang's deputy prime ministerial candidacy was not a 'hot topic' among the people.

Academic: ‘No-contest motion’ against Najib’s transformation claim

UUM's Kamarul Zaman Yusoff says if Umno president Najib Razak is truly behind efforts to 'democratise Umno' then he should reject motion and allow open contest.

No-contest resolution violates Umno’s vaunted principles, says lawyer

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says Najib’s government will lose credibility as a democratic government if Umno, its anchor party, does not uphold democratic principles and the law.

Top two Umno posts to go unchallenged

The proposal received unanimous support from delegates at the general assembly today.

Nazri: Guan Eng deserves higher post in Pakatan

Umno Supreme Council member claims that Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, was included in the coalition’s leadership line-up to attract Chinese votes.

‘Muhyiddin will be asked to quit PPBM soon’

Umno Youth exco member Ibdilillah Ishak says Mukhriz is likely to take his place as party president.