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Tag: destruction

2 dead, thousands evacuated as California wildfires rage

Los Angeles Fire Department urged residents not to wait when asked to leave.

Dr M checks on destruction caused by storm in Langkawi

The prime minister drives to Pantai Tengah for first-hand look at havoc wreaked by Friday's storm and strong winds.

Rain on the way as search for missing continues after California...

The wildfires have already claimed at least 76 lives and the number of people missing jumped on Saturday to 1,276.

Italy storms claim 12 more lives

Six Italian regions remain on high alert for storms.

Haiti quake kills at least 14, more than 100 injured

Some houses in the worst-affected areas were destroyed by the earthquake.

Death toll in Indonesia quake-tsunami tops 800

The new toll announced by the national disaster agency was almost double the previous figure.

Death toll jumps to 384 after tsunami, quake in Indonesia

An additional 540 people were injured and 29 were missing.

Typhoon pounds south China after killing 64 in Philippines

More than 2.4 million people have been relocated and nearly 50,000 fishing boats were called back to port.

Typhoon kills 12 in Philippines, heads to southern China

Mangkhut was still punching powerful winds and gusts equivalent to a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane when it hit the Philippines.

Climate change multiplies harmful marine heatwaves

The number of days marked by potentially destructive ocean heatwaves has doubled in 35 years and will multiply another five-fold at current rates of climate change

Rafizi to Shahrir: It’s Umno that has destroyed Malay institutions

The PKR vice-president says as an educated person, Shahrir should not come up with the assumption that Pakatan Harapan intends to destroy Malay institutions.

Cyclone wreaks havoc in Tonga’s capital, parliament flattened, homes wrecked

Kenna estimated around 40 percent of houses in the capital had suffered some damage, many with roofs blown off.

Temple desecrator could be an extremist, says DAP man

DAP's P Ramasamy says only a psychiatrist is qualified to say if the man is mentally unsound, not the police.