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Tag: detention without trial

Suaram concerned over two-fold use of Poca, Sosma

Suaram executive director says this appears to have become a trend following the re-detention of three immigration personnel who were also allegedly abused during the interrogation process.

PH just as oppressive as BN, says Suaram’s Kua

He denounces the decision to lift the moratorium on controversial laws.

No excuse for Poca threat, say human rights groups

CAGED, LFL and Bersih 2.0 speak up against Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's warning that Poca may be used against money-laundering suspects.

ISA detentions: I accept the blame, says Mahathir

Former PM says he regrets that detainees in Ops Lalang were tortured, as this was against the law.

Kua’s tips on how to survive detention without trial

Recalling Ops Lalang, Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong says he saw Dr Mahathir as a paper tiger then, which helped him deal with trauma of ISA detention.

Zaid: Do civil society groups share obnoxious view on Dr M?

Former minister says those who disagree with Kua Kia Soong’s comparison of Dr Mahathir with Adolf Hitler should disassociate themselves from him.

Kua’s wife: I collapsed after they arrested my husband

Author Anne Munro-Kua says nothing can prepare a person for the experience of having a loved one detained under the ISA as her husband was in Ops Lalang.

Spirit of ISA still alive in Malaysia, says DAP MP

Batu Kawan MP Kasthuri Patto says PM Najib Razak is 'reviving the ghosts of political persecution' through various preventive laws.

Zahid’s Poca remark does not inspire confidence, says MP

DAP's Ramkarpal Singh says it may be seen to influence judges who may one day have to decide on the constitutionality of the amendments passed last week.

Kula: Poca board members must be elected, not appointed

Ipoh Barat MP warns that the board could become the 'long arm' of the ministry if powers are only 'theoretically' transferred.

Bar: ‘Abhorrent’ Poca amendment strips detainees of rights

Bar president George Varughese says detainees are now deprived of the basic right to be heard, to know allegations against them and to give a response.

Amendment seeks unlimited term for Poca board members

At present, board members can be reappointed only once for another three years.

Kua Kia Soong still wants apology from Mahathir over Ops Lalang

The Suaram adviser says it's a question of atoning for one's wrongs, adding that all the ‘democrats’ who have forgiven Mahathir for the Operation Lallang detentions are ‘walking dead democrats’.

Turkey starts interrogation of 3 men deported by Malaysia

Turkey’s state-run news agency says Ihsan Aslan, Turgay Karaman and Ismet Ozcelik are being questioned by the country’s Counter-Terrorism Department.

Man detained without trial under Poca seeks release

Vishnu Moorthy Raja Singam claims in a habeas corpus application that the Prevention of Crime Act was misused to detain him for commercial crime investigations.

Don’t let Poca detainees’ families suffer, says Surendran

Padang Serai MP calls for ordinary criminals who are denied normal legal process to be guaranteed that their dependents’ are taken care of.

Probe ‘torture’ of anti-terror law detainees, Suhakam urged

Bersih and Suaram also want anti-terrow laws abolished, saying there is adequate legislation to deal with terror and crime, in memorandum to human rights commission.

Suaram: Sosma detentions reminiscent of Ops Lalang

Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong says Putrajaya continues to lie about detention without trial in other countries by not stating it does not apply to its own citizens.

Release my son, says Sanjeevan’s dad

Father of MyWatch chairman joins human rights group Suaram in handing memorandum to police protesting arrest under 'Poca law for hardcore criminals'.

Let ‘terror suspects’ face fair trial, says group

Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture calls for release of those detained without trial and repeal of laws allowing for detention without trial.

GHAH speaks up for ‘battered’ detainee

It calls for the punishment of officials responsible for the alleged torture of Ali Abdul Jalil.

Archived: No need for the ISA

Rather than bring back the ISA, both state and society should address the root causes of communal thinking and work out feasible remedies.

Perkasa: Hold referendum on ISA

The referendum is necessary following the actions of some irresponsible quarters who have stirred up sensitive issues.

You’re wrong about Ops Lalang, Noh

The 1987 Ops Lalang was not undertaken due to a threat of racial riots as suggested by Umno MP Noh Omar. It was orchestrated by Umno to protect Dr Mahathir's leadership.