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Tag: Deutsche Bank

US fines Deutsche Bank US$16 mil to settle China, Russia corruption...

Deutsche Bank is found to have violated US corruption laws by hiring relatives of foreign government officials to win or retain business.

Deustche Bank now wants to keep some equities revenue

Shares of Germany’s largest bank slump with investors pondering the headwinds for the company as it embarks on the biggest cutbacks yet to its battered investment bank.

European banks have serious dirty-money issues, says EU Commission

The investigation reviewed cases of financial crime that led to fines or financial settlements at some of EU's largest banks, like Deutsche Bank and France's Societe Generale.

Deutsche Bank pays US$197 mil to settle Dutch bribery case

Deutsche Bank settles the lawsuit for US$197 million with no admission of liability.

Deutsche Bank’s 1MDB probe adds to lengthy list of legal issues

The US Department of Justice is looking into whether Deutsche Bank might have violated foreign-corruption or anti-money-laundering laws as it helped 1MDB raise US$1.2 billion in 2014.

Deutsche Bank ends relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Deutsche Bank in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking charge severed ties with the billionaire a year ago.

Laporan: DoJ siasat bank Jerman berkait 1MDB

Siasatan ke atas 1MDB tertumpu terutamanya ke atas wang berjumlah AS$6 bilion yang diperolehinya pada 2012 dan 2013.

Deutsche Bank to pay bonuses to deserving staff

Bonuses will still be rewarded to employees despite Deutsche Bank fourth annual loss in five years.

Deutsche’s layoffs have already started in Asia

Deutsche Bank plans to cut more jobs in Asia and reduce it to another 25% by month end.

Deutsche Bank to cut 18,000 jobs in €7.4 bil overhaul

The bank will also scrap its global equities business and scale back its investment bank.

Deutsche Bank mulls shutting most Asian equity businesses

Deutsche Bank expects to stop offering the trading of cash equities, equities research and may no longer underwrite initial public offerings in the region.

Deutsche Bank culls top leadership, dumps unwanted

Several senior executives are expected to depart as part of the reorganisation.

Deutsche Bank to shed risky assets as part of overhaul

The bank's shares, which have hit record lows in June, have perked up on expectations that a major overhaul is underway.

Democrats call for Deutsche Bank probe over Trump transactions

Deutsche Bank is one of the few lenders to keep US President Donald Trump afloat after his repeated bankruptcies in the 1990s.

Deutsche Bank investors meet amid questions on strategy, leadership

Major investors over the past week have called for Deutsche to scale back its sprawling global investment banking unit.

Bank staff flagged Trump, Kushner transactions for watchdog

Congressional and New York state authorities have already been investigating the relationship between Trump, his family and Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank Panama Papers case yields tax raids in Germany

Panama Papers-fueled German probe at Deutsche Bank AG prompted numerous raids in Frankfurt targeting wealthy individuals who may have hidden money offshore.

German bank merger talks crumble

Both the banks' CEOs say a deal would not have created sufficient benefits to offset the risks and costs of a merger.

Update on Deutsche Bank-Commerzbank merger talks by Friday

The merger talks have come amid stiff resistance from unions and employees.

Deutsche Bank says US operations aren’t part of merger talks

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank started formal merger negotiations last month.

Commerzbank stake sale would cost German taxpayers billions of euros

The Commerzbank share price, or the price offered in any takeover deal, would have to be some 26 euros to avoid a loss for the state.

Deutsche Bank said to face Qatari resistance to bank merger

Qatari investors, who own more than 6% of Deutsche Bank, are concerned that a deal would dilute their holdings.

Germany’s two shrinking banks may get closer to a merger

While there’s no formal mandate to pursue a merger and other options are still being considered, Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing has given up his resistance to doing a deal this year.

Deutsche Bank chief dismisses takeover speculation

Speculation about a possible merger has continued despite the bank's dismissal in September.