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CAP warns against Malaysia real estate ‘fire sale’ in Hong Kong

The pressure group says the floor price is not a deterrence for foreign property buyers with cash to spare.

Its population growth that drives the property market

There is a mismatch between affordability and homes being built and offered today.

Copy Perak, not Johor, says buyers’ group on Bumi lots

HBA sees conversion levy causing prices to rise.

Malay interest group okay with releasing Bumi lots for a price

It urges state governments to follow the Johor model, which imposes a fee on developers to open up Bumiputera-status lots.

88 Johor developers fined for failing to complete affordable housing projects

They have to pay a penalty of RM40,000 per unit.

New tech for safer, more efficient building construction, says ministry

The works ministry plans to undertake a pilot project using building information modelling with four local authorities before getting others on board as well.

Brickbats and roses for early release of Bumiputera units in Perak

An NGO says the move will make it harder for Bumiputeras to own homes while a consumer group says it could result in lower prices.

RM22 bil worth of homes to go on sale in March

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says about a quarter of the property on offer will be priced at RM300,000 or less.

Developer: Wrong to blame us for oversupply of unsold units

Melaka-based developer Anthony Adam Cho says it’s not true that developers don't understand the market and that the local and global economic situations affect the property market.

‘God of War’ favourite among PS4 game developers

It was named 13 times during the PlayStation Blog round-up.

Penang landslide: Lodge report with MACC, deputy minister tells public

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji says the ministry is unsure if developers adhered to the SOP.

Singapore cracks down on `shoe-box’ units in blow to developers

Under the latest curbs, the government raised the additional buyer’s stamp duty to 30% for developers, making it more expensive to buy and redevelop older properties.

Build expensive houses at your own risk, Penang warns developers

As the number of unsold high-end properties goes up, Penang Housing Committee chairman says it is time for developers to build more affordable homes.

Singapore developers attack cooling measures

The group described the measures as tough, and said the market should be allowed time to find its own course.

China property market seen most at risk as cash squeeze hits

Builders have loaded up on debt to expand their land holdings in China’s property market, which has boomed over the past decade thanks to urbanization and the growth of the middle class.

Penang to offer rent-to-own schemes for low-cost homes

Penang CM Chow Kon Yeow says some existing projects will be converted into rent-to-own schemes and more will be introduced in the future.

Influx of China giants worries housing developers

Rehda council man says projects by powerful Chinese firms in Malaysia are affecting local developers.

High-earners may punish PH for no-GST plan

Businessmen, professionals and developers find that GST encourages people to work harder, pay less income tax and take home more money.

All-time high of 25,000 residential properties still unsold

Valuation and Property Services Department sets up website to help potential buyers find out where these unsold completed properties are located.

Moody’s says rising office space glut may hit banks

The credit rating agency says pace of non-performing loans is stable but the increasing oversupply of commercial space may have an adverse effect on banks.

Selangor exco: Some developers delaying affordable homes

He says they built their more expensive homes first when the BN government was in power in Selangor.

Facebook boss admits mistakes over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg vows to restrict developers' access to data 'to prevent other kinds of abuse'.

Hong Kong mulls tax on unsold apartments to curb soaring prices

If Hong Kong were to impose a tax on unsold apartments, it would replicate a system in Singapore, which imposes penalties on developers who hoard properties.

New way of renting out unsold lots — use them as...

With glut in commercial properties in KL, there is growing trend to jointly share working places.