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GPS to develop Sarawak without Putrajaya’s help – really, asks PKR...

Sarawak PKR information chief Desmond Kho says the state still lags behind the peninsula in terms of infrastructure, and to go it alone would only do the people a disservice.

Talk to us, Kampung Baru owners urge minister

The government has only listened to one side, they say, and call for a heart-to-heart meeting with Khalid Samad.

90% of Kg Baru landowners agree to sell lots but at...

They want more than the RM850 per sq ft offered by the government, says FT Minister Khalid Abdul Samad.

Indonesia’s plan to shift capital prompts Sabah to draft new plans

The plans include constructing a more efficient road network, including in Long Pasia, Sipitang, to ease land connections and spur economic activities on both sides.

Give the poor more spending power, Jomo tells govt ahead of...

The prominent economist says Putrajaya must be flexible when it comes to the targetted 3% budget deficit.

Domestic demand for sustainable timber expected to rise, but more needed,...

The Malaysian Timber Certification Council says organisations which do not export to European countries will probably not apply for certification.

Lawyer pans govt valuation for Kampung Baru land

Derek Fernandez says the authorities must tell landowners what developments will be allowed in the area so they can know the true value of the land.

Huawei dangles US$1.5 bil in a hunt for global developers

Huawei to invest US$1.5 bil in its existing developer program over the next five years to create apps for its services.

Mahathir’s new Look East focus on Sabah, Sarawak

Previous government had failed to give attention to Sarawak, says PM. Now the people in Sabah and Sarawak will be treated the same as those in the Peninsula.

Taman Tun residents see red over ‘land grab’ for new housing...

This comes amid an advertising campaign promoting a low-density serviced residence comprising 160 units, said to be built on land meant for NGOs.

Go work in Turkey, Dr M urges the young

Work there for 10 years and when they return, I think there will be changes in Malaysia, says Mahathir.

Negeri exco Rafie appointed NS Corp chairman

UKM board of directors chairman Abdul Wahid Omar named deputy chairman.

Anwar hits out at rampant development in Pasir Gudang

Development must not come at the expense of the people's wellbeing, says PKR leader.

Huawei to countries: Welcome us in and we’ll invest big time

Huawei promises big investment into tech infrastructure of countries that welcome the Chinese tech giants.

Australia to step up challenge to China in Pacific with new...

Australia’s prime minister says the country would offer cheap loans to other Pacific countries to cement its position in what he declares as 'our patch'.

New master plan for Kampung Baru ‘in the works’

2015 plan to be scrapped, and a new plan will focus on sustainable living and development on par with KLCC, says report.

Speak up on land matters, pressure group urges KL MPs

Selamatkan Kuala Lumpur says most have remained silent on land-related matters affecting their respective constituencies.

Development along ECRL line should link east and west coast, say...

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says the rail link will help reduce transportation fees for bulk goods, especially palm oil which Putrajaya is heavily marketing.

Govt sets up team to promote development along ECRL corridor

The team was established to facilitate, evaluate and review the implementation of economic accelerator projects along the ECRL alignment.

DBKL broke promise, developer encroaching into our area, say Jalan Abdullah...

Jalan Abdullah folk ask what happened to the KL mayor's promise that there will be no more development on Federal Hill without engagement with residents.

KL youth unhappy with PH over urban development, job market

They say they voted for a new Malaysia but are still waiting for PH to make good on many of its promises.

Low-hanging fruits in Bosnia

Bosnia offers excellent opportunities to outward-looking Malaysian companies and entrepreneurs who are willing to venture into new untapped markets.

Billions for Sandakan but none for Sarawak, MP slams govt

Nancy Shukri says Sarawakians have been feeling neglected in terms of development.

Don’t force Bajau Laut to fit our idea of progress, says...

Persatuan Pengurusan Madrasah Al-Hikmah warns against destroying the Bajau Laut culture, and says the government should consult with them before trying to effect change.