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Vitamin D deficiency leads to early death, study reveals

Diabetes patients in particular at higher risk.

Luka lambat sembuh kerana diabetes?

Akibat daripada tabiat mengambil makanan yang tinggi dengan kalori daripada karbohidrat, ia menyebabkan badan seseorang itu mengumpul kalori yang berlebihan dan juga simpanan gula (glukosa) yang tinggi dalam badan.

Could a new hormone injection help tackle obesity?

A combination of three hormones has been found to provide some of the benefits of gastric bypass surgery, without the surgery.

Could the Mankai duckweed plant be beneficial for diabetes patients?

Duckweed has been consumed for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia, where it is known as a 'vegetable meatball' due to its high-protein content.

Peria katak: Adakah bermanfaat untuk pesakit diabetes?

Peria katak mempunyai banyak fungsi dalam membantu mendapatkan tubuh badan yang sihat selain dapat menjadi salah satu amalan untuk menguruskan badan.

More evidence that following a plant-based diet can reduce diabetes risk

Researchers suggest that following this type of diet improves insulin sensitivity and blood pressure, and reduces weight gain and systemic inflammation.

Bubble tea, a sweet but deadly brew?

Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes and obesity in Asia, and its love for bubble tea is not helping.

Over 3,000 new HIV cases recorded last year, says health ministry

Of these, 47 were patients below the age of 18.

Diabetes cause of two-thirds of 55,000 patients having kidney problems

Consumption of pain killers and supplements, without seeking the advice of doctors, also contributes to kidney disease, say doctors.

One in seven babies born with low birth weight

Weighing less than 2.5 kilos at birth is closely link to high rates of neonatal mortality and ill health later in life.

Two cups of coffee a day could help you live longer

Moderate coffee consumption of two to four cups per day is associated with reduce mortality compare to no coffee consumption.

Pesakit kencing manis perlu makan sayur dulu sebelum nasi

Diabetes atau kencing manis adalah salah satu penyakit kronik yang dihidapi di kebanyakan negara di dunia.

Transport agent to feel the heat for high-priced cooking gas

Deputy minister to check into reports that cooking gas costs RM65 per tank in Bario.

30% of diabetic patients have heart failure, expert warns

Universiti Teknologi Mara’s consultant cardiologist Dr Sazzli Shahlan Kasim says diabetic patients must practise a healthy lifestyle and have a balance diet.

Life expectancy has stayed at 75 for past decade

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad blames this on prevalence of non-communicable sicknesses like hypertension and diabetes.

Number of unemployed youths down by 1% end 2018, Dewan Rakyat...

However, Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar says, the number of unemployed graduates went up slightly compared with the same three months the previous year.

Air pollution raises diabetes risk in China, says study

Researchers say diabetes risk rises by about 16% for an increase of 10 microgrammes per cubic metre in long-term PM2.5 particle exposure.

Smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity linked to brain shrinkage

Researchers found various vascular risks factors are linked to greater brain shrinkage, less grey matter and less healthy white matter.

Resistance training thrice a week could lower type 2 diabetes risk

New Chinese research found combining resistance training with an aerobic workout could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Lose weight, live longer with Hara Hachi Bu

Eat till your 80% full yet enjoy all your favourite foods by reducing portion intake and learning how to distinguish between 'being full' and being 'no longer hungry'.

Increasing vitamin D levels could help lower the risk of developing...

Vitamin D supplementation and regular sun exposure were associated with lower glucose levels.

Following guidelines for heart health can also reduce diabetes risk

Lifestyle guidelines for preventing heart disease also appears to help prevent diabetes.

The effects of diabetes on a man’s fertility

There is scientific evidence to suggest DNA damage in the sperm of diabetic male patients.

Night shift plus unhealthy lifestyle equals higher diabetes risk

New research has found that women who work rotating night shifts and have unhealthy lifestyle habits have a particularly high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.