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Teach children to say ‘no’ to sugar, says MMA

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr Ravindran R Naidu says education is the best weapon in the war against sugar, more effective than photos of rotten teeth and fat children on sweet wrappers.

Lifestyle tips for managing diabetes

From diet and exercise to stress management, here are a few lifestyle changes to consider.

73% of deaths caused by hypertension, diabetes, heart problems

More worrying, from a dental examination conducted last year, smoking was detected among pupils in primary schools.

Govt may force people to live healthy, says health official

Admitting health promotion efforts have failed to stop lifestyle diseases from rising, Health Ministry disease control division director says the need to regulate lifestyle practices is increasing.

Kidney failure cases on the rise in Malaysia

If current unhealthy trend is not curbed, Malaysia will be among the top in the world in number of cases by 2030, says Deputy Health Minister Dr Hilmi Yahaya.

Tidur berdengkur? Anda mungkin sakit diabetes

Selalu rasa dahaga, kerap kencing, tangan dan kaki kebas adalah simptom paling biasa bagi penyakit diabetes jenis-2.

Survey: Only 6% of M’sians eat enough fruits, vegetables

Health Minister S Subramaniam says many diseases stem from the malfunctioning of cells caused by the lack of nutrition and bad eating habits.

Scientists lock horns over whether sitting is killing you

Sitting for long hours has been blamed for causing heart trouble and diabetes even in the physically fit but new research shows this may not be altogether true.

Can long naps cause diabetes?

Experts not involved in the research noted that the statistical correlation revealed nothing about cause-and-effect.

Diabetes: Regular foot checks can prevent lower-limb amputation

It takes only two minutes of your day to do a foot check, says diabetes educator Siah Guan Jian.

More evidence poor sleep habits may raise diabetes risk

“Getting adequate sleep can help with insulin sensitivity and appetite,” Gangwisch said. “Getting enough sleep can also help provide the energy necessary to exercise regularly.”

Diabetes on the rise in KL, Putrajaya

Eating late at night is one of the contributing factors, says health official.

Waist size ‘strongly predicts’ heart disease risk

A study involving people with diabetes has shown that belly size is a stronger predictor of a dangerous kind of heart disease than body mass index, says study.