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Tag: digital tax

Amazon says French digital tax will hit consumers, small firms

Amazon says it is not in a position to absorb additional tax on revenue.

France defiant in digital tax showdown with US at G7

France has passed a new law that will tax digital giants on revenue accrued inside the country, even if their European headquarters are elsewhere.

Digital tax on foreign service providers ‘to ensure level playing field’

The government says it is not fair that local providers are subject to the tax but foreign providers are exempted.

Not so easy to enforce, collect digital tax, says expert

The executive director of Deloitte Malaysia says there needs to be clarity on how the government intends to collect the proposed digital tax from 2020.

Consumer group denounces plan for digital tax

'Running short of money doesn't mean you can tax everything you like,' says Cassa president Jacob George.

Think tank warns against digital tax

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs says the tax would increase prices for consumers and businesses.