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Tag: digitisation

Singapore to start testing 5G before high-speed network rollout

The faster, higher capacity networks are seen as essential by governments because they allow for the deployment of key automation technologies.

Forgers are forcing a US$9 trln business into digital age

Forgers have become so adept at faking documents used by banks that going paperless has become a necessity for the industry.

Reducing humans in finance will cut risks

The CEO of Nordea Bank makes a bold statement where roughly in a decade, many people won't be needed in finance, and that's a good thing.

Malaysia Airlines launches 3 new apps, allows instant feedback

National carrier is first airline in Asia to allow users to book flights and process payment via Facebook Messenger.

South Africa: 3,000 jobs cut at bank due to robots

Bank workers union says Nedbank wrong to reveal its plans as it has caused major disturbances in finance sector on impact of digitisation.