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Tag: diplomacy

Beijing says will ‘firmly support’ Hong Kong leader Lam

Protestors insist Lam resign and shelve the bill entirely, but Beijing has thrown their weight behind her.

Trump leaves China tariff deadline open, calls relationship ‘testy’

Trump believes manufacturers are pulling out of China under pressure from the tariffs the US has already imposed.

Trump and Kim one year on: A ‘beautiful letter’, stalled diplomacy

Since the first summit in Singapore, little progress has been made towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Pompeo restricts gay pride flags at embassies

Pompeo, an evangelical Christian, has said that he defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman but has also said he respects employees regardless of sexual orientation.

Mahathir’s masterful performance of diplomacy and leadership

The prime minister's eloquence and articulacy, underpinned by his vast experience, came to the fore during his recent visit to Japan.

Mexican president confident US will negotiate on tariffs

Mexico’s president says there is willingness on the part of the US government to establish dialogue.

Huawei ‘too close’ to Chinese government to be trusted

The integration of civilian businesses with the military is too close making Huawei difficult to trust.

Protesters set fire to US Embassy in Honduras in second day...

A fire department official says there is no damage to the embassy apart from the access gate.

Philippines ships dumped trash back to Canada

Sixty nine shipping containers of garbage are loaded onto a cargo vessel at Subic Bay heading for Canada.

Mexico says Trump tariff move ‘disastrous,’ vows to retaliate

Mexico is blindsided by the announcement and will discuss it with the US before deciding if they should retaliate.

Trump arrives in Japan for ceremonial visit as trade tensions loom

Trump will become the first foreign leader to be received by new Japanese Emperor Naruhito since he inherited the throne earlier this month.

China ready for further US trade talks

China’s Ambassador to the US says the communist nation’s door is still open to continue trade talks with America.

Saudi Arabia deposits US$250 mln in Sudan’s central bank

Sudan plays a key role in the regional interests of Saudi Arabia and its allies, siding with Riyadh against Shiite Iran and providing troops in the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen's war.

US holds Iran scientist ‘hostage’ for seven months

Soleimani was detained as soon as he landed at Chicago airport, his visa was then cancelled and transferred to Dayton prison in Atlanta.

Huawei will not bow to US pressure

Huawei CEO says the company have made preparations on how to handle the ban handed by Washington.

Maduro hails start of Norway-brokered talks with opposition

Maduro urges all Venezuelan people to advance towards the path of peace.

Trump, Xi could meet next month on trade

The world's top two economies ended two days of negotiations in Washington on Friday with no deal.

Iran’s Guards commander: US presence an opportunity

The commander of the Guards, Major General Hossein Salami, said in a parliament session on Sunday the United States has started a psychological war in the region.

Huawei exec vows to fight extradition to US in Canada court

Meng was released on bail in mid-December in Vancouver, where she owns two residences, on a Can$10 million bond.

Trump ‘happy’ to keep tariffs on Chinese goods

China promises it will retaliate if the US increases tariffs on the Asian nations goods.

China mulls delaying next trade talks after Trump tariff threat

The consideration of delaying the trip was due to president Trump's threat on hiking tariffs on China.

Blacklisting Muslim Brotherhood could radicalise members

The decision could escalate repression of the Brotherhood in Egypt and push its adherents towards more hardline groups.

Assange lawyers file ‘extortion’ complaint in Spain court

The group allegedly tried to extort €3 million out of WikiLeaks not to publish any of the videos they have on Assange.

Two Koreas mark Moon-Kim summit anniversary with different tones

North Korea did not respond to the South's invitation this week for Saturday's ceremony at Panmunjom.