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Handicapped but far from helpless, earthbound superhero looks out for the...

Inspiring disabled people from his wheelchair and speeding to the rescue in natural disasters, Sabah athlete defies his disabilities.

Disabled pixman proves to the world he can do it

Muhamad Hakimi, afflicted with crossed eyes and poor vision, has achieved his dream of setting up a photography business.

Cold war over as disabled group meets Wan Azizah and Hannah...

After months of disappointment, disabled activists have new hopes after being invited to ministry's budget consultation meeting.

Just meet 5 of us, disabled activist says to ministers

Anthony Thanasayan queries deputy minister Hannah Yeoh's posting about a meeting with former TV personality Ras Adiba Radzi.

Beautiful art for a good cause

The Da Nang Artists Company aims to provide talented, disabled Vietnamese artists with a way to market their artwork to an international clientele.

Number of unemployed youths down by 1% end 2018, Dewan Rakyat...

However, Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar says, the number of unemployed graduates went up slightly compared with the same three months the previous year.

Register for help, NGO tells troubled Para Games gold medallist

Paralympic Council of Malaysia urges former athletes to register with the National Athletes Welfare Foundation.

Disabled, athletes, Orang Asli, B40 on ‘special’ admission track to...

These students will not need to compete with others and will only need to fulfil certain requirements of their university of choice.

Sully, HW Bush’s dog, starts new job with wounded US service...

Sully's duties are to provide support, comfort and cheer to wounded veterans, their families and facility staff, thus reducing stress and increasing positive feelings.

I’m single, disabled, and don’t want Bantuan Sara Hidup

I can still earn a living online instead of waiting for handouts.

Nurse charged with rape of disabled Arizona woman who gave birth

Nathan Sutherland was arrested by investigators after the woman unexpectedly gave birth.

France investigates spike in babies born with arm defects

Fewer than 150 babies are born each year in France with upper limb defects.

Japan probes claim ministries cheated on disabled hiring quota

The investigation began after local media reported last week that the land and internal affairs ministries had padded their data on the hiring of disabled employees.

Portugal app empowers disabled to win better access to buildings

+Acesso is believed to be the world’s first application allowing users to file official complaints against public buildings and businesses that do not meet accessibility laws.

Deaf ‘bird whisperer’ forms rare bond with feathered friends

Razali, who lost his hearing due to illness, communicates with the birds more easily than he does with his colleagues and considers them his friends.

Blind or paralysed, these three will be voting

Three disabled persons in Kelantan say they will not be deterred by their handicaps.

Please stop exploiting disabled dogs

Parading disabled dogs at fundraising events to elicit sympathy is an unethical practice which should not be tolerated.

Chinese double amputee to climb Everest after ban revoked

A Chinese climber who lost both legs to frostbite on Everest four decades ago is hoping to finally reach the summit after Nepal's top court overruled a controversial government ban on blind and double amputee climbers.

Hip cafe chain staffed by disabled workers opens in Paris

The coffee shop is the latest in a chain of lunch joints springing up across France staffed by people with Down syndrome, autism and other cognitive disabilities.

Aid amount for disabled suitable for 1960s, says Dr M

The Pakatan Harapan chairman also says the coalition has no problem considering candidates from among the disabled community for the next polls.

Freedom on a leash: Dogs give new life to disabled owners

These four-legged helpers are trained not just to help the blind or partially sighted but also to recognise a variety of sounds for the deaf or detect the signs of an impending epileptic fit.

Israeli military to probe death of disabled Palestinian in Gaza

The Israeli military initially said it was not possible to say what had killed Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, whose death was decried by the UN.

Teen drowns while trying to save disabled sister

Nor Dyana Abd Malek slipped and fell into the river while trying to prevent her visually impaired sister from falling into the river.

Disabled man sues SEA Games medallist over alleged assault

Placid P Rodriguez claims Taekwondo exponent screamed at him and kicked him four times at a train station.