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Tag: discharge

Jamal Yunos given discharge on trespassing charge

This follows failure to serve subpoenas on witnesses to appear in court.

Assault on Rela member: ‘Datuk Seri’ gets discharge on 2 charges

This comes after one of three alleged Rela members withdraws report against the businessman.

Johor PKR chief wants full acquittal over sedition charges

Hassan Abdul Karim does not want charges 'hanging over his head' after he was given a discharge not amounting to acquittal over tweets critical of the Selangor sultan.

Court discharges Johor PKR chief over charge related to tweets on...

The court declines to give an outright acquittal to Hassan Karim despite submission that AG has agreed to drop the charges.

Unable to reach 1MDB, legal firm wants to withdraw

Federal Court tells Messrs Tan Hock Chuan & Co to use substitute service like putting up an advertisement in the press to communicate with the 1MDB management.

Hanipa discharged from hospital after fainting spell

Doctors say his blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels are under control and he does not have diabetes.

Defaming ex-IGP charge: Sanjeevan gets discharge

MyWatch chairman says he feels vindicated but says he still faces a long list of charges.

14,000 discharged from bankruptcy since 2013

Deputy minister says government hopes to release more individuals from bankruptcy so that it will not affect national productivity.

Dr Mahathir back home after spending a week at IJN

The former prime minister was admitted for a chest infection.

No thanks, say Khairuddin, Chang to offer to withdraw sabotage charge

Court to rule tomorrow whether they should be given an outright acquittal or a discharge not amounting to an acquittal following objections from lawyers to the conditional government offer.

Witness refuses to testify, Low Yat man given discharge

Assault victim tells court he does not want to disturb his family as they have to attend court everytime there is a hearing.

Mahathir discharged from IJN

He was admitted on Aug 9 with a chest infection.

Johor Sultan expected to be discharged today

The Ruler was admitted to the hospital last Friday following a mild viral infection and gastritis.